Zombie Kush


Zombie Kush is an 80/20 Indica hybrid. With some impressive Afghani and Pakistani heritage way down in the strain’s lineage, Zombie Kush is a heavy Indica that is well-known for its potent sedative properties.

Zombie Kush Strain

Sourced from Enigma Extracts, Zombie Kush was developed by Ripper Seeds of Sabadell, Spain – a small city just outside of Barcelona. Bred using primarily Amnesia, Lavender Kush and Bubba Kush genetics, Zombie Kush is an 80/20 Indica hybrid. With some impressive Afghani and Pakistani heritage way down in the strain’s lineage, Zombie Kush is a heavy Indica that is well-known for its potent sedative properties. Although developed by a Spanish seed company, the Zombie Kush strain is especially popular in California, United States.
Zombie Kush reeks of good ol’ fashioned skunk. and it also releases a pleasant earthy smell that should be familiar to most Kush enthusiasts.

This strain produces thick white smoke where the taste is negligible but quite clean overall. The flavor is slight but in general it’s more earthy than anything else; not fruity, not nutty. The flavor is not as good as other Kush varieties like Cranberry Kush or Afghan Kush, but it’s neutral enough to appeal to nearly anyone while still carrying that classic Kush taste. Unlike other Kush strains, there is no aftertaste with this strain.

This strain is extremely strong. If you have active plans for the day, you might cancel them after smoking this strain; Two hits from a freshly cleaned bong is all that is required for an extreme state of relaxation.

What are the Potential Medical Benefits of Zombie Kush?

This strain has become popular among both the recreational and medical cannabis communities due to its potent sedative effects. Users in the medical cannabis community say that this strain is amazing for pain, social anxiety and insomnia. Other medical users claim that this strain is beneficial for relief from muscle spasms, stress, anxiety and depression.

What is the THC and CBD Content of Zombie Kush?

Zombie Kush has a high concentration of THC with samples ranging between 18% and 21%, while average samples contain 20% THC. Zombie Kush has a low average CBD content of 0.3% CBD.

What are the Effects of Zombie Kush?

For all intents and purposes, this is a pure Indica beast. Everything you love about Indica, Zombie OG brings to the table. The high comes on hard and fast, with euphoria and sedation taking place nearly immediately. Your mind and body will be in conflict, because you’ll feel so happy, but at the same time lacking motivation to move. Recreational users will experience couchlock, while the more experience user will find themselves in a relaxed introspection. An ideal strain for taking of a load, following a long day, or for helping you get to sleep after a chill day. Medical uses are in abundance, as Zombie OG is great for treating pain, inflammation, and insomnia, to name a few. Lastly, though you will not crave human flesh, Zombie OG is one of our favorite strains for appetite stimulation. You might want to prepare your meal beforehand, though. The type of high that you can expect to experience when consuming Zombie Kush is one that will leave you feeling sedated, relaxed and euphoric, yet talkative. Many users claim that this strain leaves you feeling “like a zombie” and thus its name. The feeling that users refer to as being “like a zombie” is one described as completely relaxed and carefree. This strain is an ideal choice if you are trying to find relief from the symptoms of ailments such as depression, stress and anxiety.

While many users do report feeling very relaxed after consuming Zombie Kush, it has become a very popular strain among the medical cannabis community for people suffering from social anxiety. This is because the high associated with Zombie Kush is known for causing feelings of total relaxation and eliminating social pressure, while at the same time leaving many users feeling chatty. Because this strain does have potent sedative effects however, you may want to consider using it at home during evening hours before trying it when attending a social gathering.

Zombie Kush is known for being a very fast acting strain with many users reporting feeling the effects in as little as 3 minutes after consumption via smoking or vaporizing. Many experienced cannabis users report that it only takes 3 or 4 hits to feel the full effects of this strain, even if you have very high THC tolerance. Keep this in mind if you have never tried Zombie Kush before, as even experienced users may find themselves feeling overwhelmed by its powerful high.

The feelings of couch lock and sedation are very potent with this strain and are often described as being overwhelming in nature. Because of this, beginners should avoid this strain altogether and experienced users should start dosage very slowly and work your way up. Other negative effects associated with the Zombie Kush strain include dizziness and headaches which are most likely caused by the overconsumption of THC and not the strain itself.

Due to the potency of Zombie Kush’s sedative effects, this strain should be consumed during evening hours. Some users have reported using this strain during daylight hours and many report feeling as though they must take a nap before they can continue their day.

What does Zombie Kush Smell and Taste like?

If you decide to try this strain in flower form, you can expect an aroma profile that is extremely pungent. Zombie Kush smells skunky and earthy, with undertones of spice and pine. Many users have reported that this strain is not ideal for stealth use as it can often be smelled across the room when you have it in your possession, even when you have it in a smell proof container.

If you choose to try smoking Zombie Kush, you can expect a flavor profile that has a potent earthy flavor with sweet undertones.


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