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What is Tangie Cannabis Oil?

Tangie Cannabis Oil is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid with a citrusy flavor. It has a cannabinoids ratio of 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. It is super tart and tangy with deep notes of lemon and tangerine. The unique Tangie strain was created by combining Sour Diesel and Tangie. The intense Sativa strain produces highly euphoric effects that awaken both body and mind and fill up your tank with unprecedented vigor that can help you to spend your hectic day with full of energy and power. Tangie Cannabis Oil has a high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) mainly 62% and low levels of CBD (cannabinoids) which is almost 2%. This Oil is best to use in the daytime as it produces powerful euphoric effects and can be used at night if you want to stay up late at night.
The strain has a strong aroma that can be immediately noticeable with a strong smell of bitter citrus and occasional ting of lime peels. The smell of diesel and sourness makes its smell slightly like a sour candy that is flavored with citrus. Genetically, the Tangie Cannabis strain is a cross between East coast sour diesel and Tangie. The strain has dark beautiful leaves with an abundance of white trichomes and a thick layer of resin. The strain is used for medical and recreational purposes by producing energizing effects. Tangie Cannabis Oil is best for people who want to have the benefits of Cannabis without getting high. It has an orange juicy, zesty, and citrusy flavor which can be an amazing thriller for you for the first time. The flavor is firstly a tart-sweet and then shifts to almost tangy sourness.
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What are the effects produced by Tangie Cannabis Oil?

Tangie Cannabis Oil produces strong effects due to its Indica dominant hybrid strain. The following are the effects produced by using Tangie Cannabis Oil:
• The Tangie Strain produces uplifting effects.
• It produces strong euphoric effects due to the high potency of THC and Indica dominancy.
• The strain produces relaxing effects.
• Due to the relaxing and euphoric effects, it keeps you happy.
• Tangie Cannabis Oil produces creative effects.
The following are the medical and recreational benefits of using Tangie Cannabis Oil:
• The strain is best for the treatment of various ailments.
• It is best for reducing chronic pains and the treatment of arthritis.
• Tangie Cannabis Oil produces relaxing effects best for the treatment of stress and anxiety.
• It is used for relieving headaches.
• Tangie is effective for the treatment of Nausea.
• Tangie Cannabis Oil is an appetite boosting strain best for people who are suffering from appetite loss.
• It is the best fatigue relieving strain.
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