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What is Sweet ZZ Marijuana strain?

Sweet ZZ that is formerly known as Sweet Zkittlez is an Indica dominant strain that contains 80% of Indica and 20% of Sativa in it. The strain came into existence by merging two infamous strains i.e. Grape Ape and Grapefruit. The strain is originated and bred by Royal Queen Seeds that makes it a classy and potent strain for cannabis consumers. It is created in Northern California based collective Dying Breed Seeds. The Sweet ZZ Marijuana strain has the reputation of its unique sweet flavor and the high it produces makes it even delicious to consume. It has won several cannabis awards including first place award in Emerald Cup in the year 2016 and the award of best Indica category at the 2015 San Francisco cannabis Cup. It contains a moderate to a high percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) ranging between 15% and 22% on the average and a low percentage of CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabidiol) typically below than 1%. The THC, CBD, and CBN are the chemical compounds that are present in the cannabis plant. These compounds are responsible for the effects and benefits of the cannabis plant. Sweet ZZ or Sweet Zkittlez is the perfect strain to consume at night due to its relaxing properties.

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Growing Information, aroma, and flavor of Sweet ZZ Marijuana strain 

Sweet ZZ or Sweet Zkittlez is considered very easy to grow and develop flowering very rapidly. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors however it is best suitable to grow indoors. The indoor flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks and is ready to harvest after that time is completed with an average yield of 550 to 600 grams per square meter. The outdoor harvest is best suited at the end of September with an average yield of 500 to 550 grams per plant in cold nighttime temperatures.

The aroma of Sweet ZZ is of earthy pungency and spicy grapes as it is a cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit. It also reveals overtones of fruity and sour scent when the nugs are broken apart. The flavor of Sweet ZZ is very sweet and pleasant as it is the main reason for its popularity. It has a fruity berry flavor with a slightly spicy, grape candy-like taste.

What are the effects and benefits of Sweet ZZ or Sweet Zkittlez strain?

The following are the positive effects of Sweet ZZ strain that it leaves on its users:

  • The strain produces Cerebral high effects.
  • Sweet ZZ leaves body high and uplifting effects when smoked or consumed.
  • It provides happy and relaxing effects.

The following are the prime medical benefits of Sweet ZZ Marijuana Strain:

  • It is beneficial to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • It makes a person happy by dealing with mood swings.
  • It is effective for relieving fatigue due to its relaxing effects.
  • Sweet ZZ is used medically by patients suffering from insomnia.

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