Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil


Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil

The Super Lemon Haze Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis flower of Sativa dominant strain. It is highly potent and powerful with a lemon scent. Its name comes from the zesty citrus aroma with a tasted of a lemonade candy. It is one of the best high-yielding strains appealing to I diva lovers and converting them to Sativa variety. The Super Lemon Haze was first bred by Franco Loja and is a cross of two strains i.e. Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. The plant of this Cannabis strain produces several Terpenes and the most dominant one is limonene which is found in citrus fruits i.e. Lemon, etc.

As it is a hybrid strain with both strains i.e. Indica and Sativa but is Sativa dominant, it has features of both strains depending on their ratio. It has a Sativa/Indica ratio of 80:20%. Super Lemon Haze is Sativa dominant Cannabis strain, highly THC potent averaging from 20 to 25%, and having CBD levels below. 1% by regular checking. This Cannabis Oil tastes fruity and sour with a sweet aroma. The fragrance is earthy, spicy, lemony, citrusy, and sweet. The super Lemon Haze Cannabis concentrate is a clean oil with a faint yellow tint. Due to its high potency of THC, it takes you ‘high’ and heads you with an amazing creative activity. You can buy Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil from Legal Cannabis Bud Shop Online. We provide premium quality pure cannabis products to our customers.

Effects and Benefits of using Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil

This Cannabis oil strain has many medical and recreational effects and benefits. It pairs well with people having an interest in sleeping, exploring nature, studying, and creativity i.e. Arts & Craft. Due to its high potency and high ratio of THC strain, the effects of using Lemon Haze Cannabis oil are the following:

  • The oil is from Sativa dominant hybrid strain, it is very beneficial for uplifting your mood and makes you feel happy.
  • It is used to be energized and active in the routine due to high TCH.
  • The use of this Cannabis Oil strain is for uplifting your mood, it takes you high and keeps you focused and goal-oriented.
  • The effects of this Sativa dominant strain are to express yourself and to make yourself happy, heady, and peppy.
  • The goal of this oil is to boost creativity, energy, euphoria, and to ensure the intense happiness of the user.

Super lemon haze cannabis oil has many other medical benefits. These benefits are:

  • Due to the presence of Marijuana strains in Lemon Haze Cannabis oil, the benefit of using oil is that it relieves anxiety and depression.
  • It makes a person feel fresh and energetic.
  • The Lemon Haze Cannabis plant is very helpful in relieving pain, headaches, and migraines, etc.
  • It fights with mood swings, treats nausea, and manages hunger packs or Lack of Appetite.

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