Sugar Cookie Weed


Sugar Cookie is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous Sensi Star X Crystal Gale X Blue Hawaiian strains. … Like its name suggests, Sugar Cookie has a sweet sugary vanilla flavor with a buttery coffee flavored exhale.

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Sugar Cookie Strain Review

Do not let the name throw you off- the Sugar Cookie weed strain bears no relation to the classic Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is in a legendary league of its own. The phenomenon hybrid by Oregon Green Seed is a three-way cross between the sensational Blue HawaiianSensi Star, and Crystal Gayle. As the name suggests, this weed strain has a sweet sugary vanilla taste and a deliciously fruity and tropical aroma. The bud delivers an uplifting high that alleviates mood, including other sensational feelings. Besides, it treats a myriad of body conditions.

For home growers who love pleasant smelling plants in their gardens, this plant is the thing for you. Other than its delightful fragrance, it is quite an easy plant to grow. With little maintenance, your yields should be ready in as little as nine weeks.

Sugar Cookie Cannabis Strain: What is it?

Weed lovers adore this strain for its delightful high. Sugar Cookie’s high is as addictive as its flavour, offering some fantastic body buzz. It is a product of Oregon Green Seeds with an evenly distributed sativaindica weed ratio of 50:50. However, it leans more on the indica side. This hybrid cannabis is rather potent with THC levels of 20-22% that is responsible for the cerebral high.

Sugar cookie is nothing like your ordinary weed. This one here treats you to full body extraordinary effects, perfect after a stressful day. It makes you forget your worries as you settle in for a marvelous evening. Hence, it gives you a reason to look forward to the end of the day. What’s more, it is also a solution to some mental and body problems.

Wondering Where to Buy Sugar Cookie Weed Strain in Canada?

This bud is a popular purchase amongst users in Canada. Although a relatively new strain in most parts of the world, you can get Sugar Cookie weed in most of your local dispensaries. You can also get it in several recreational centers and online as well. You only need to do some research to find it.

Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

As mentioned, this enchanting strain holds this name as it reminds its consumers of an actual cookie. On the inhale, Sugar Cookie emits a sweet aroma that combines berries and tropical fruits, with subtle hints of vanilla and butter. Overall, the fruity and tropical fragrance is a total glee. What’s more, it’s something that any weed lover can appreciate.

Further justifying its name, this strain’s flavour will leave you anticipating for more. It has an unusually sweet taste of tropical fruits and sweet berries with hints of vanilla undertones. On top of that, it has some delicious buttery and coffee flavour that altogether makes Sugar Cookie marijuana a must-try strain.

This cannabis herb is equally attractive. Its buds have long beautiful dense long and bright neon green nugs that stand out. Complementing them is a coating of trichomes that are amber coloured and crystal-like. To top it off are vivid orange hairs that bring the overall look together.

 Sugar Cookie Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

This herb is relatively easy to grow regardless of the level of experience. What’s more, it does well both indoors and outdoors. This pleasant smelling plant grows to mid-height if left to grow. With a flowering cycle of about 7-9 weeks, this plant produces a relatively high yield.

Indoors plants flower in a maximum of 9 weeks and produce a moderate of 12-6 ounces per square meter. Outdoors plants yield more and produce about 16 ounces or more per plant. The best thing about this strain is it requires little maintenance and adjusts well to the growing conditions. Finally, and essential to note, Sugar Cookie is only a clone-only strain.

Effects of Sugar Weed Cookie Strain

With its relatively high THC level, these buds will give you a memorable high. At first, you will all tingly from head to toe that relaxes your muscles. Next, you feel an outburst of energy and blissful thoughts. However, the Indica side of this train will not motivate you to get up and work on those thoughts. Your mind gets into a state of complete chill and parting is likely to pop into your mind.

A completely laid-back strain, Sugar Cookie weed will give you a blissful uptick. It induces intense cerebral euphoria, and finally settles you into a deep sleep. Because of this, it is perfect for evening and nighttime consumption. Further, because of its potency, newbies should go slow and watch how it interacts with them. The same goes for users with low THC tolerance.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Cookie Cannabis Strain

If seeking help for various conditions, you’d be glad to know Sugar Cookie cannabis is a sought after medicinal strain. For one, because of its uplifting and energizing high, it uplifts the mood and helps those dealing with stress, depression, and chronic fatigue, and bipolar. This is all thanks to the induced euphoria experienced.

Secondly, it effectively relieves pain, such as headaches, muscle spasms, and eye pressure. Its medicinal value also extends to insomniacs and those suffering from leg syndrome and night terrors. Its sedative nature induces sleep hence helping this group of users.

Possible Side Effects of Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain

We get it. This sweet strain can be tempting to let go. However, this bud has a few mild adverse reactions, even with experienced users. A dry mouth and dry eyes are a common side effect, easily solved by staying hydrated. Beginners may feel a bit dizzy and paranoid. However, consuming this herb in moderation should take care of this small problem.

Sugar Cookie Strain Review:  Final Thoughts

Like its appealing name, Sugar Cookie weed is as delightful as it looks, smells, and tastes. This herb will take you to an entirely new place of total bliss, away from problems. Further, it takes care of some of your health problems leaving you rejuvenated. Moreover, it suits every weed lover out there.

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Effects: relaxation, sleepy, happiness, creative, euphoric

May Relieve: depression, arthritis, insomnia, nausea


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