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What is Strawberry Cough Marijuana strain?

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain that holds true to its name. It contains 80% of Sativa and 20% of Indica in its plant. The lineage of the Strawberry Cough strain is unknown however it is rumored to come from North America. The popularity of this cannabis strain is hard to deny and it is also known for its mysterious origins, the smell of strawberries, and its mood-lifting properties. With unknown origin or breeder, there is plenty of speculation surrounding the powerful, strawberry-flavored creation. The result of an expert crossbreeding by the master himself, Kyle Kushman, Strawberry Cough has won the Best Flower title of Cannabis Cup in 2013. It is also known that some unknown breeders handed Strawberry Cough to Kyle Kushman who is a former High Times editor. It contains high levels of THC reaching up to 22% however Emarled Cannabis Worx tested Strawberry Cough through pH Labs and hit a record high of 22.98% THC in 2018. The strain is ideal for social occasions consumption and is best to consume daytime due to its energizing properties.

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Key information about Strawberry Cough Marijuana strain

  • Strawberry Cough is a pretty easy strain to cultivate, which of course makes it a suitable option for a variety of growers having beginner level skills of growth or are experienced growers. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors cultivation however, it must be grown in a suitable climate regardless of the environment.
  • The indoor flowering period for Strawberry Cough is between 9-10 weeks, with outdoor harvest time falling around early to mid-October. The indoor yield of the plant is 14 ounces per squared meter while the outdoor yields typically produce on average 14 ounces of unusable buds per plant.
  • The aroma of Strawberry Cough is of sweet strawberries reminiscent of fresh summer berries with undertones of earth and skunk that tends to cause coughing after it has been inhaled. The aroma of this plant spreads immediately and lasts longer in the room.
  • The flavor of Strawberry cough is very sweet similar to its fragrance. It has a taste of fruity strawberries with hints of earthiness when smoked.

What are the effects and benefits of Strawberry Cough Strain? 

The following are the positive effects of the Strawberry Cough Marijuana strain:

  • The strain leaves cerebral high and uplifting effects.
  • It leaves a user feeling energetic and euphoric.
  • Strawberry Cough provides happy effects on smokers.

The following are the benefits of the Strawberry Cough Marijuana strain:

  • It is beneficial for reducing depression and anxiety.
  • The strain is used medically for the treatment of various ailments. It is used for treating Bipolar disorder, loss of appetite, and ADHD.
  • It is effective for relieving chronic pain and fatigue.

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