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What is Royal Cookies strain?

Royal Cookies is a feminized Indica dominant rare strain containing 80% of Indica and 20% of Sativa in the plant. Royal Cookies strain from Royal Queen Seeds that brought the best of California genetics and is also considered a royal treat. It is a member strain of the Girl Scout Cookies family created by an unknown combination of Indica hybrids. This top-shelf strain was created in an extremely rigorous and intensive breeding program involving some of California’s best cookie strains. The strain contains average to a high level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) ranging between 21% to 23% and a low percentage of CBD (cannabidiol) typically below zero. Royal Cookies is the result of mixing two exemplary Cookies Forum specimens, resulting in a Cookie strain so powerful it will bring a tear to even the Cookie Monster’s eye. The high potency of Royal Cookies due to the concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) makes its effects powerful for novice users. It is suitable for experienced users however newbies can also consume Royal Cookies strain with caution.

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Growing information, aroma, and flavor of Royal Cookies plant 

The growing characteristics of Royal Cookies are similar to the Indica dominant plants. It is a cannabis strain that is well suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, it is best to grow outdoors as this plant needs to be grown in a warm climate that is easily maintained outdoors. The indoor flowering and harvest are ready after 8 to 9 weeks of breeding with a plant height of 80 to 110cm while the outdoor harvest of Royal cookies strain is ready in mid-October giving a yield of 450 to 500g per plant. The royal cookies plants are short and bulky, with short internodal spacing.

The aroma of Royal Cookies strain is very strong that is easily noticeable. It has a pungent and sweet aroma similar to the scent of a batch of freshly baked cookies with an earthy fragrance. The flavor of the Royal Cookies plant is similar to the aroma. The strain has a sweet, herbal, and nutty taste with hints of spice.

What are the effects and benefits of Royal Cookies strain? 

The following are the positive effects of Royal Cookies strain that it leaves on its users:

  • Royal Cookies Cannabis delivers euphoric high effects.
  • The cannabis strain produces cerebral high and uplifting effects.
  • It leaves tingly and relaxing effects on the consumers when smoked.

The following are the prime medical benefits of Royal Cookies Strain:

  • This strain may help consumers alleviate chronic pain, headaches, and migraines.
  • It is beneficial for patients having symptoms of stress and depression.
  • Royal Cookies bud is effective for relieving fatigue.

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