Rockstar Weed


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Rockstar, not to be confused with its cousin “Rockstar OG” strains, is a indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through a cross of the popular Rock Bud X Sensi Star strains

Rockstar Strain Review

The Rockstar weed strain contains all features that can make you a Rockstar within a short duration. It is an indica-dominant strain, although the effects lean towards hybrid weed. During the High Times Cannabis Cup competition in 2012, it emerged second in the hybrid category. Despite the affiliation to indica, it does not give users a sedative effect. Instead, it lifts their souls, leaving muscles free.

The THC levels in this strain average 14-19%, with the highest levels hitting 24%. The CBD levels in this strain are negligible and, therefore, do not count a lot.

You can grow this marijuana strain indoors or outdoors. When cultivating, you should ensure that there is enough space for it to grow in height. It is easy to cultivate and, therefore, friendly to novice marijuana enthusiasts.

Rockstar Marijuana Strain: What is it?

Strain Rockstar is a hybrid of Rock Bud and Sensi Star strains. As aforementioned, it is an Indica-dominant strain, with 70% indica and 30% Sativa. The high indica levels determine their effects, physical appearance, aroma, and flavor.

The chemical properties in this marijuana play a vital role in determining the health and recreational benefits. People use it recreationally to induce the relaxation effects while medics administer it to manage mental and physical conditions.

Wondering Where to Buy Rockstar Weed Strain in Canada?

You can buy Rockstar marijuana in Canada from licensed dispensaries or head shops. You can find out whether the dispensary in your street or estate sells this weed strain. However, you must be above 19 years to be allowed to buy weed in these dispensaries.

This marijuana strain is one of the priciest in the Canadian dispensaries. However, the benefits incorporated in this weed strain match the price. If you doubt the price or quality of marijuana, you should carry out a cross-check on different sellers.

Rockstar Marijuana Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and Appearance

Rockstar weed contains distinct aromas that make it stand out. The aroma in this strain’s buds includes spicy and grapey earth with notes of sweet skunk. The skunky in this strain makes it pungent. Therefore, if you love remaining discreet, this might not be the right strain for you.

The flavor from Rockstar weed is a combination of herbal, sweet, and spicy. During exhalation, you might experience notes of skunky flavours, at times taking long before evaporating in thin air.

This marijuana strain produces medium-sized and dense buds. On the other hand, the nugs are spade-shaped, lumpy, and have a dark olive color with shades of purple. It is also covered with orange hairs, purple leaves, and frosty trichomes. You can easily point this strain out due to these features.

Rockstar Cannabis Strain: Grow Info

You can grow Rockstar indoors or outdoors. Due to indica-dominance, this strain can reach up to 2 meters. This makes the strain suitable for growing outdoors. However, if you choose to grow this strain indoors, you have to prune it from time to time.

Outdoor-grown Rockstar marijuana plant yields up to 1 pound. On the other hand, growing the weed indoors yields an average of ½ pound. The strain is tolerant of various extreme conditions and therefore is favorable to novice growers.

Effects of Rockstar Marijuana Strain

The effects in this marijuana strain border between indica and Sativa, although indica is more predominant. They include euphoria, head, and body high, and relaxing. When you first smoke this marijuana, the Sativa levels set in, albeit for a short period. Excitement and euphoria set in, leaving you energetic and happy. Any stress at this point drowns away, creating room for the indica to chip in.

When the indica comes into play, your body starts to relax. You might also find yourself more focused and concentrating on a single thought. It is during this period that sleeps start creeping in.

Although this weed strain is indica-dominant, the sedative effects are not highly effective.

Medical Benefits of Rockstar Cannabis Strain

Rockstar is the go-to for various medical benefits. Medics administer and recommend it for the management of mental and physical conditions. This strain can help in suppressing include; bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, stress, insomnia, and depression.

You can also use this marijuana strain to manage various physical disorders. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of THC and indica make this strain effective in managing the following: gastrointestinal disorder, muscle spasms, neuropathic pain, loss of appetite, and nausea.

Possible Side Effects of Rockstar Marijuana Strain

The side effects of this marijuana strain are rare and mild. When they strike, they last for a short duration. However, in some cases, the effects might last longer, causing havoc and tension. The most common side effect that you are likely to get is cottonmouth due to saliva’s inadequate production. Taking enough fluids before or after a session can help you suppress this effect.

You are also likely to experience paranoia and panic attacks, especially if you are a first-time user of this strain. You can mitigate these mental effects by reducing the frequency of sessions and the amount of weed per session.

Rockstar Strain Review: Final Thoughts

As the popularity of Rockstar weed takes an upward trajectory, you should also pay attention to its effects. However, we cannot ignore the side effects that come with consuming it. Therefore, it is advisable to start small and increase gradually as your body becomes tolerant of THC and the indica. We are hopeful that you will enjoy every puff of this incredible strain.

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Effects: relaxed, paranoia, cottonmouth, creative, euphoric

May Relieve: depression, stress, pain, loss of appetite, nausea


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