Purple OG Shatter



What is Purple OG Shatter?

Purple OG shatter is a popular Marijuana strain extracted from butane hash oil. It is an Indica dominant hybrid made with a combination of Purple Kush and Cali OG Kush. The strain has moderate levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and is highly potent. It is one of the popular strains in the world in the cannabis community. Purple OG shatter is made through the skillful purging of butane and cannabis often with the use of a vacuum. The buds of the Purple OG strain are a mossy green with hues of violet. It produces very strong powerful effects that can induce a severe case of munchies. The high effect of Purple OG shatter starts with a mild pleasing head rush with little pressure and slowly ease into the head and body fully. These effects will make you feel cloudy and out-of-focus. This shatter is suitable to use at night as it makes you feel lethargic and sleepy.

The Indica dominant Purple OG shatter has a thick aroma of berry and pine that provide very pleasant feelings. The shatter is clear, yellow, or orange having a flavor of pine and berry. It is very brittle and easily breakable like Taffy and might be malleable. It is widely used for recreational purposes in parties and is also suggested by doctors for several medical purposes. You can have a quiet good body buzz without a very heavy effect with the use of this strain. But one should be careful of its excess use as it can anxiousness and will lead you to very deep sleep or also can cause a severe headache.

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What are the effects and benefits of consuming Purple OG Shatter?

Purple OG shatter is one of the world’s most popular Marijuana products that is used widely in the world. The following are the effects that are produced with the use of Purple OG shatter:

  • The strain produces very calming and relaxing effects.
  • Due to the relaxing effects, it makes you sleepy.
  • Purple OG shatter acts as an appetite enhancer.
  • The use of this shatter can make your mouth and eyes dry.
  • The strong effects of purple OG shatter make you happy and euphoric with its balanced effects.

The medical and recreational benefits of Purple OG shatter are the following:

  • The shatter is beneficial to alleviate pain very vastly and efficiently.
  • It is an appetite enhancer that is beneficial for people suffering from appetite loss.
  • It makes you feel sleepy so helpful to beat insomnia.
  • The strain is used for the treatment of several ailments.
  • Purple OG shatter is very beneficial for reducing anxiety and stress.
  • It is the best strain to help to fight with depression due to its calming effects.
  • This shatter is helpful for the treatment of medical conditions such as muscle spasm, nerve damage, and chronic pain.

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