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What is Oregon Diesel Marijuana?

Oregon Diesel is an Indica dominant hybrid strain having 90% of Indica and 10% of Sativa. The strain is created when the breeders at the Pacific Northwest’s Homegrown Natural Wonders crossed NYC Diesel with Blackberry. They aimed to develop a strain with genetics having high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is created with a combination of hybrid NYC Diesel and hybrid Blackberry strains. Both of these strains are well-loved strains having well-known effects. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content ranges between 14% to 22% that makes it highly potent and powerful. It was popularized by Oregrown as they were looking for quality genetics that they found in Oregon Diesel Marijuana. Oregon Diesel is a great strain for experienced weed smokers and is not recommended as a good strain for newbies due to its high potency. It is used for various medicated and recreational uses for the treatment of various ailments. It is a perfect strain to use at night time due to its couch-locked and relieving properties that are used by cannabis consumers.

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Growing Information, Fragrance, and Taste of Oregon Diesel Marijuana

The plant of Oregon Diesel Marijuana is considered easy to grow and is fast growing which means that you do not have to wait longer to enjoy its effects and benefits. It is preferably grown in a cold and humid climate than most of the Marijuana strains. It just needs a sufficient amount of water and regular trimming as maintenance. As it is Considered decently easy to grow, so you can grow Oregon Diesel plant both indoors and outdoors. The buds of this plant are decently round and have plenty of pistils.

The aroma of Oregon Diesel marijuana flower has hints of NYC Diesel parent strain. It has a diesel-like and vaguely hash aroma which is very pungent, hard, and strong. With the presence of Blackberry parent strain, Oregon Diesel has a sweet, floral, and lavender piney scent. The flavor of the Oregon Diesel strain is very sweet, berry-like, and piney with hints of Diesel and Lavender.

What are the positive effects and prime medical benefits of Oregon Diesel Marijuana strain? 

The following are the positive effects of Oregon Diesel Marijuana:

  • The bud produces euphoric effects.
  • Oregon Diesel Marijuana bud provides sleepy and relaxing effects.
  • The strain leaves a smoker feeling happy.

The following are the prime medical benefits of consuming Oregon Diesel strain:

  • It is beneficial for the treatment of bipolar disorder, muscle spasms, and PTSD.
  • Oregon Diesel is useful for relieving stress and depression when consumed by cannabis users.
  • It is effective for reducing chronic pain, headaches, and inflammation.
  • The strain is used by patients suffering from insomnia as it provides sleepy effects.

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