Nuken Shatter


What is Nuken Shatter?

There are two main types of Cannabis plants. One is Indicas, this type has effects on the full body and provide relaxation and reduces insomnia. While the other type is of Sativas, this type has strong euphoric effects making ‘high’ and energetic mind that can reduce anxiety and enhance creativity.

Nuken shatter is an Indica dominant hybrid of the two plants, female God Bud and male Kish strains. These two plants are often found in harsh climate areas. This is a Canadian strain and has a strong aroma. God Bud is an Indica dominant strain and found mainly in the Jordan of Islands. It is producing for years for medicinal uses and as a cash crop as well. This strain has purplish buds and gives euphoric effects. Moreover, its taste is more like a tropical fruit with ‘high head’ effects. While Kish strain is originally made of the Shishkaberry parent plant, which is also an Indica dominant hybrid. Its parent plant has a berry-like aroma and you can feel this scent from Kish strain too.

Nuken Shatter is created by the two Indica-dominant plants. Nuken is also an Indica dominant plant which means it is best for the deep relaxing of the body. Pain can easily be relieved by using this shatter. But the THC levels are well maintained that you still can enjoy your life with social interactions and also do work normally but with high energy and focus.

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How to use Nuken Shatter?

Nuken shatter is used with vape carts and dabbing to get its full potent results. You can dab this Indica dominant strain to get deep relaxation within minutes. Its aroma is like a sweet marshmallow with skunk as a hint when exhaled. Nuken gives a taste of baked marshmallow that you will love and find mesmerizing. You can buy vape carts of high quality online from us.

Astonishing effects of Nuken Shatter

Enjoy astonishing effects of Indica dominant Nuken shatter with just a single smoke. It will make you fresh and focused with no worries at all.

  • Deep relaxing effects that will feel in the spine first and then spread in the whole body
  • Anxiety free effects will make you calm and depression will be alleviated within a few minutes
  • Its aroma will smell amazing that will create charming effects on you
  • It has especially long-lasting and calming effects with single-dose and non-narcotic in nature

This Indica dominant strain is good for all users as it has moderate levels of THC. Sativas are also present in it which gives a lot of energy to its user.

 Medical benefits of Nuken Shatter

As Nuken shatter is made of God Bud and Kish strain, it has a lot of medicinal benefits.

  • The Sativas available in it gives an energetic effect and makes the brain effective with creativity
  • People suffering from insomnia are cured with this magical product due to its potency and calming results
  • You can get severe pain reliefs immediately due to its active molecules
  • Stress is also relieved with this potent product

You can enjoy Nuken Shatter, a moderate THC level product by buying online form Legal Cannabis Bud Shop. Enjoy our premium quality marijuana products now with fast delivery. These products have recreational as well as medicinal benefits to a large extent.




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