Kiva Petra Mints



Kiva Petra Mints

The best quality Kiva Petra Mints are available online at Legal Cannabis Bud Shop. These mints contain cannabis extract with a refreshing experience. The best quality product for newbies and potential consumers. Each tin of petra mints contains 42 micro dosed mints with 2.5 mg quantity. Petra Mints are potent to some extent due to the high THC levels. People who fear the dosage can use this product as each mint contain 2.5 mg THC per serving. Surely, you can enjoy fearlessly!
Micro-dosing is a safe way to consume cannabis products for all. This technique is safe with the knowledge that how much you are consuming and you can make your day wonderful without any fear. Buy online 105 mg THC Kiva Petra Mints at Legal Cannabis Bud Shop.
Kiva Petra Mints contain high-quality ingredients with cannabis extract infused with other mint ingredients to give you a high, refreshing, and healthy consumption. A total of 105 mg THC is infused in these Petra Mints and each mint solid contains 2.5 mg of THC. These micro-dose mints are really helpful to enjoy cannabis without any fear of the dosage.

Safe edibles are our first priority!

Kiva Petra Mints are safe for you as it is the best quality product made with safe ingredients and consumer-friendly products can make your day amazing with few consumptions. Barbara Blaser, the director of clinical services in Oakland recommends that you should start THC consumption by micro-dosing by consuming 2.5 mg of THC after every five or six hours for three days and you will build a certain tolerance level. Therefore, the experts say this product is safe for newbies and potential consumers of cannabis. As THC is a psychoactive compound, most people have psychoactivity around 2mg, hence, this product is not more potent. Safe for use!
With an icy cool experience, you can feel energetic within a shorter time period of consumption and can make your day creative. It can be a mood boost for you and alleviate all your anxieties.

Flavors of Kiva Petra Mints

Morrocan Petra Mints are unique flavor mints with a combination of green tea matcha and peppermint extract. The CA grown cannabis is used in this product and you can get a refreshing experience and you can make it a daily use product. These petra mints are sugar-free but a few sweetness of Tahitian Vanilla is available in each tincture.
Use of Morrocan Petra Mints

You can start with one mint and wait for two hours to get its full effect.
Eucalyptus is another flavor of Petra Mints. These are made of CA grown high-quality cannabis that is infused with green tea matcha and eucalyptus oil. The proper usage of eucalyptus petra mints can alleviate all your pains by promoting relaxation and reducing cold symptoms.
You can buy premium quality Kiva Petra Mints online at Legal Cannabis Bud Shop with fast delivery and same-day delivery with express services. Each tin will contain 105 mg of THC in total and each mint will contain 2.5 mg of THC per serving. You can also enjoy marijuana products of high quality at Legal Cannabis Bud Shop.

Effects of Kiva Petra Mints and Medical Benefits

Kiva Petra Mints have many medical benefits that can make patients recovered from a serious illness.
• By consuming THC levels you will have soothing effects of cannabis
• All your worries will be vanished within a few minutes by consuming a mint of 2.5 mg
• Anti-depression mints will give you a relaxed and creative atmosphere. You can live life without any anxieties. THC can affect the anxiety receptors of your body and thus alleviate all your worries
Its medical benefits have a long list. You can have the given benefits:
• Reduced cold symptoms by consuming this remarkable product on a daily basis
• Your pain can be reduced as THC can reduce the pain factor in your body
• The eucalyptus oil is best for silencing the cough
• The calming benefits of Petra Mints will make your life happier than before
Buy online Kiva Petra Mints of high quality at our Legal Cannabis Bud Shop. All the ingredients are carefully prepared and mixed to give the real potency to each product. Your experience will be best with us.


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