Hot Tahoe OG Cannabis Oil


Hot Tahoe OG cannabis oil has an earthy pine aroma with an incredibly smooth spicy, lemon, and woody taste.

Hot Tahoe OG Cannabis Oil

The Hot Tahoe OG cannabis oil is from the hybrid strain of Tahoe OG cannabis containing both Sativa and Indica cannabinoids. They provide the benefits of both cannabinoids i.e. Relaxing and energetic. It produces a powerful effect of heady Indica and body-oriented Sativa. The Tahoe OG cannabis strain was discovered in the 1980s in California. The demand for this cannabis oil strain has increased from the past few years due to the growth of the Marijuana industry. This strain was originally composed of both Indica and Sativa cannabinoids equally but due to its sedative and powerful creative effects, it has become either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant.

This Cannabis Oil strain has a high concentration of THC, CBN, and CBD. It contains almost 59% of THC, 6.2% of CBD, and 65.94% of CBN and is considered as Sativa-dominant strain. It is extremely potent and produces very effects that you should be careful about the dose as overdosing of this cannabis oil strain can produce a harmful effect. Individuals using Tahoe OG for the first time are recommended to take a small dose of it. As it is a hybrid strain with a 90:10 Indica/Sativa ratio, you can use it in the daytime when you feel laziness to have an energetic effect as well as in the night when feel sleeplessness and want to have a relaxing and sedating effect. The best thing about this Cannabis oil strain is that it takes only 10 weeks to be ready to use. The oil has an earthy pine aroma with an incredibly smooth spicy, lemon, and woody taste. The Tahoe OG plants grow in a sunny and warm outdoor climate with medium length growth. At Legal Cannabis Buds Shop online, you can buy Hot Tahoe OG Cannabis oil at premium quality. Cannabis oil for sale.

Benefits of Hot Tahoe OG Cannabis Oil

There are several medical and psychoactive benefits of using this Cannabis Oil strain. The following are some important benefits;

  • The high percentage of CBD in the oil is very effective for relieving common pains.
  • Due to the Indica strain components, it is good at relaxing the body and mind.
  • Due to relaxing effects, it adds a strong euphoria and a feeling of freshness and happiness in the mood.
  • This Cannabis Oil is effective for the treatment of anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • A balanced dose of this cannabis oil is effective for insomnia and relieve migraines.
  • It is extremely good for a mentally and physically tired person to relieve tension.
  • It boosts motivation & creativity and helps you clear the mental stress and anxiety.
  • The oil gives fast results, helps people fighting with hunger pangs, and appetite loss.

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