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What is Green Crack Strain?

Green Crack is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that contains 60% of Sativa and 40% of Indica. The strain was bred by inbreeding Skunk #1 that is a pure cannabis Marijuana strain that grows naturally like any other cannabis strain. It has won 3rd prize for best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain was created via the crossbreeding of parent strains Skunk #1 and an isolated Afghani cut. The resultant strain is a durable and reliable strain that displays an impressive resistance to both mold and pests. The strain is known to offer a cerebral and energetic high due to the high concentration of Sativa.

Green crack got its name from Snoop Dogg though it is also known as Green Cush or simply Cush who prefer not to know for cocaine. The highly addictive strain is most potent containing a high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) percentage reaching up to 24% and a very low CBD (cannabidiol) ratio. Green Crack is truly a marijuana strain that will have you hooked and constantly coming back for more once you have tasted its potent uplifting and energizing high. Due to its energetic high effects, this strain is best for daytime use to keep a person uplifted and active all day.

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Growing information, aroma, and flavor of Green Crack strain

Green crack is considered moderately easy to grow with photoperiod flowering type that makes it an easy to grow strain for even novice growers who are just starting. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors with a medium yield in both the growing process. It is easy to manage indoors as it has a short plant height with dense and tight herbs. The indoor flowering takes 9 weeks in duration however outdoor harvest is best in October with a beautiful appearance.

Green Crack immediately hits you hard with its citrusy and fruity aroma with a blend of a flawless nuance of earthy, Woody, and hearty. This aroma makes it appear a very potent strain in front of cannabis Marijuana smokers who are looking for a recreational potent strain. The flavor of the Green Crack strain is sweet with some phenotypes that express stronger citrus or fruity taste translating into a juicy ripe mango.

What are the effects and benefits of Green Crack strain

The following are the effects of Green crack strain that a user experience after smoking:

  • The strain produces creative and cerebral high effects.
  • It leaves a consumer feeling focused.
  • Green Crack strain provides energizing and happy effects on its users.

The following are the prime medical benefits of consuming Green Crack strain:

  • It is effective for the treatment of autism, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.
  • The strain is beneficial for relieving stress and depression.
  • Green crack is good for reducing chronic pain, headaches, and migraines.
  • It is beneficial for people suffering from appetite loss and fatigue.

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