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What is Gravity Strain?

Gravity cannabis Marijuana is an Indica dominant strain that is popular for pulling the user down with a body-heavy high. With an unknown origin, this strain is said to be a cross of Northern Lights and the Hash plant which is where it has inherited its genetics from. It is a pure Indica strain that has high CBD (cannabidiol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and CBN (cannabinol). The THC levels range from 15% to 20% while the plant contains 1% of CBD. Due to the high percentage of CBD, the strain is used widely for medical purposes rather than recreational purposes. Gravity Cannabis strain delivers a powerful sensation to your body that lingers on for some time on the body.

Gravity strain’s body high translates to tingling effects and then complete to total relaxation. The total relaxation and lying down effects make the strain more enjoyable for smokers. The strain is perfect for nighttime use due to its sedative and relaxing properties. Gravity is a good strain to enjoy with friends who you would not mind letting sleep on your living room floor. Beginners should be careful of its usage as the high CBD and THC levels should not be ignored.

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Growing information of Gravity Strain 

The strain’s growth is rated as easy to moderate which makes it easy to grow for an inexperienced grower at home. The plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing in a warm and dry outdoor climate and has a moderate yield. The outdoor flowering and harvesting are best in mid-October and indoor flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks. The strain has dense buds covered with orange-red hairs. The eye-catching nugs will make your mouth water by making it even more enticing.

Aroma and Flavor of Gravity strain

Gravity strain has a strong aroma that will make your mouth water as soon as you come in contact. It smells like heavy floral notes with earthy tones that make is highly fragrant and overwhelmingly a sweet-smelling bud. The flavor of the Gravity cannabis strain is similar to its aroma. It has a floral and citrus taste with hints of sweetness in it.

What are the effects and benefits of Bordello 

The following are the effects of Gravity Strain that a user experience after smoking:

  • The strain produces aroused and euphoric effects.
  • Gravity produces relaxing effects physically and psychologically.
  • It makes a person feeling hungry.

The following are the prime medical benefits of consuming Gravity strain:

  • The strain is used for relieving stress and depression.
  • It is effective for reducing pain and relieves muscle spasms.
  • Due to its relaxing and sleepy effects, Bordello is beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia.
  • It is beneficial for the treatment of epilepsy, headaches, and migraines.

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