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Granddaddy Purple was launched in 2003 through Ken Estes and will be a popular Sativa crossover between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This favorite of California inherits a complicated fragrance of grape and berry from its ancestor Purple Urkle, whereas Big Bud carries on its compact, bulky bud structure. A complementary context for its freezing rain-like sprinkling of crystalline powder, Grand Daddy Purple flowers bloom in colors of deep purple.


Granddaddy Purples is suitable for discomfort control for patients. Novice users, however, be careful this strain can deliver a strong punch. We would suggest that you begin with an impact or two and wait several minutes before you decide to invest further.


The strong impact throughout both the mind and the body were easily seen, resulting in a convergence of mental euphoria and bodily relief. Although the perceptions that drift in a seductive haze, the body is much more likely to be implemented at the position for just the period of the results of Grand Daddy Purple. Usually, Granddaddy Purple is taken off from the shelves for customers looking for a fight discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, lack of appetite, and muscle cramps.

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