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What is Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain?

Fruity Pebbles is an Indica dominant hybrid strain having 55% Indica and 45% of Sativa. The strain is created by the infamous breeders at the infamous Alien Genetics Cannabis Farms having a complex rich lineage. Fruity pebbles strain is created by a cross between the hugely popular Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, and Alien Kush Strains however people are still growing and mixing it with others as it gets even more complex as time goes on. The strain first gained its popularity in 2006 in SoCal when it was first introduced as a limited time offer but its overwhelmingly positive response pushed users to preserve its genetics.
Fruity Pebbles strain has moderate levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) ranging from 18% to 21% and a low level of CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol). The THC, CBD, and CBN are the cannabinoids that are the chemical compounds present in a Marijuana plant. These compounds are responsible for the extent of the effects and benefits of cannabis. Fruity pebbles strain provides a hybrid-type of high that takes hold quickly with a soft but strong body buzz than can provide relaxation and psychedelic effects. It is a perfect bedtime strain due to its relaxing effects however you can also use it daytime as the strain also have uplifting properties.
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Key information about Fruity Pebbles strain

• Fruity pebbles can be grown both indoors and outdoors and are considered very easy to grow by breeders. It is widely available through sellers who cultivated the plants on their own. The strain produces moderate yields at 3 ounces per foot of growth and reaching up to 7 feet.
• It has densely packed and long conical buds that look strikingly different from the smaller, more compact nugs more typical of pure Indicas. The strain has green leaves with shades of purple and red contrasting orange pistils.
• Fruity pebbles strain has a tropical and sweet scent and of course with hints of fruity aroma similar to berries and citrus. Breaking up the buds of Fruity pebbles reveals a spicy and hashy scent.
• The flavor of the Fruit pebbles strain is similar to its aroma. It has a sweet, fruity, and citrusy aroma. The users will also experience hints of tropical berry in the strain.
h3> What are the positive effects and prime medical benefits of Fruity Pebbles?

The following are the positive effects that Fruity Pebbles strain leaves on its consumers:
• The strain produces euphoric effects.
• You will experience creative and uplifting effects.
• Fruity pebbles leave their consumers feeling relaxed and relieved.
The following are the medicated benefits of Fruity Pebbles strain:
• Fruity pebbles strain is beneficial for the treatment of ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and arthritis.
• It is effective for reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.
• It is very beneficial for reducing chronic pain, headaches, and migraines.
• The strain is good to use for people suffering from appetite loss.
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