Frisian Duck Strain


Frisian Duck cannabis strain’s high has a boost with mental clarity that comes fast. Euphoria and relaxation will take over your body without a sleepy effect.

Frisian Duck Strain

Frisian Duck cannabis strain by Dutch Passion is a 50/50 hybrid with a THC range of 14-17% and a CBD average of 5%. This strain’s nugs look flat but big with bright coloring and vibrant purple undercurrents. Fans of frosty nugs will appreciate this strain. The flavor is woody and so is the aroma, with citrus and soil accents. Frisian Duck can treat fatigue, mood swings, chronic pain, depression, and stress. This strain is suggested for daytime usage.


Breeder: Dutch Passion
Genetics: Frisian Duck cannabis strain is a cross between Frisian Dew and DucksFoot cannabis strains. Frisian Duck Strain is something else. This weed plant has gained notoriety by developing leaves which match ducks’ footprints! These non-traditional cannabis leaves make this plant much more difficult to identify as cannabis for an outsider. Great if you’re an outdoor grower who’s afraid of people passing by.

Frisian Duck is a hybrid resulting from the mix of Frisian Dew and Ducksfoot. This indica and sativa hybrid produces significant yields, especially in outdoors environments. This cultivar is recommended for greenhouses and outdoor operations. If one wishes to plant this impeccable strain in the fresh outdoor setting, it will be hard for passerbyers to distinguish this cultivar as cannabis. 50% of the phenotypes of Frisian Duck produce buds that become dark purple, which adds to the disguise and physical finesse of the plant.

Frisian Duck Effect And Attributes

Like Dutch Dew, Frisian Duck is a perfect balance of both Sativa and Indica. Most regular users of cannabis should find this strain gentle enough. But keep in mind that it is more potent rather than weak. Still, it is one of the strains that beginners can start with.

Almost as soon as a couple of tokes, users start to feel clear headed. It is also followed by an uplifting sensation that makes them feel happy. As its effects continue to manifest itself, some may find themselves feeling euphoric. Unlike many others, it does not cause an overwhelming effect that leaves one heavily stoned. In fact, the mild surge of energy further helps in completing tasks.

Frisian Duck has soothing effects, and its taste is similar in some ways. While its scent carries over, it does have a more distinct woody aftertaste. Overall, users describe its smoke as being smooth and its taste as delicious.

Type of High

Frisian Duck cannabis strain’s high has a boost with mental clarity that comes fast. Euphoria and relaxation will take over your body without a sleepy effect. Anxiety prone shouldn’t try this strain – a tingly effect can amplify the condition.

The highs are amazing. With its spicy aromas, Frisian Duck induces sweet relaxation. Happy and uplifting sensations sneak in every now and then. Needless to say, this duck is incredibly dank.

Frisian Duck Medical Benefits

We cannot verify it, but some sources are claiming that the Frisian Duck can have as high as 5% CBD. For cannabis, most do not reach 1%, so that is quite high. However, it is likely not enough to be of benefit to patients with seizures or epilepsy.

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