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Eleaf Istick is one of the reputed companies in the industry of vaping products proving you best quality products at reasonable prices. This 75 watt model of pico resin is one of the most unique and compact pieces you can control the temperature as per your needs and it is loaded with many features that provide a good experience to its users. If you are looking for a perfect piece of vaping tool you can’t go wrong with this powerful beauty. Go ahead and impress your friends and colleagues with this premium looking sporty design vaping machine.


Its 75-watt voltage is quite effective in proving the perfect smoke in every puff. Its inner mechanism is made keeping in mind every small detail that can enhance the experience. Vaping is most popular among teenagers and in order to get rid of cigarette addiction vaping plays a good alternative. However, it should be consumed only by adults. This product is not meant for children under the age of 21.


Eleaf istick pico rasin is a good product which can be used for fun and enjoyment purpose most college students use vaping products in today’s era. Using it is very simple, just turn the power on and the product is ready to be used.


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