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What is Deadhead OG Marijuana?

Deadhead OG Marijuana strain is a cross between two strong strains, Chemdawg 91 Sativa and SVF OG Kush Indica. Both the parents are potent, which gives Deadhead OG high levels of THC. This strain is best for experienced consumers, otherwise, you should build your tolerance before using this strain.
The strain was first bred by Skunk VA of The Cali Connection in 2011. The strain got famous due to its strong and high effects.
Chemdawg 91 strain is a Sativa hybrid. This strain has a pungent aroma including wild skunk and diesel-like scent. It tastes sour and piney. The effects are pain controlling and euphoria as the level of THC as high as 20-27%. The other parent is Indica hybrid SVF OG Kush, the smell is lemon-like and pungent. It tastes like a citrus fruit with a soil hint. The effects are calming that starts from the spine and spread through the limbs into the whole body. The THC levels are around 13-25%.
Deadhead OG strain comes in green color with yellow pistils with thin layers of trichomes. The aroma is pungent though pleasant and contains a diesel-like scent due to its parent Chemdawg 91. It tastes earthy, sour, and piney showing its parent’s features in taste.
The Deadhead OG Marijuana strain has high THC which ranges between 20-25%. The smoke rings are creamy in look and smooth for the throat. You will get results such as euphoria and calmness with active body and socialization within no time. This premium quality product with its calming effect can enhance your creativity and focus.
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How to use Deadhead OG Marijuana

You can use it by smoking. The creamy white color smokes are quite mesmerizing. The smoke is gentle on the throat and enables you to breathe more comfortably.
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Effects of Deadhead OG Marijuana

You will get potent effects on the body by using this magical product. High THC levels of this product are ideal for the relaxation of the body that also keeps you active and socialized.
• Strong euphoric effects are its deliberate results, you will get relieved from the stresses of the world.
• You can enjoy the uplifting effects due to its high levels of THC and slightly CBD.
• You will feel exuberant happiness effects with this magical strain. All your negative moods are changed to extreme joy with Deadhead OG. This effect can last for several hours.
The beginners should use this product with caution and build their tolerance before taking high doses. But the product is best for high-end consumers. It can make your mouth and eyes dry but it happens rarely.

Medicinal benefits of Deadhead OG Marijuana

Its medicinal benefits are numerous. Patients can relieve from ailments with its moderate quantities.
• Chronic pains can be relieved with this outstanding product, as the molecules of THC and CBD dampens the pains and aches receptors in the body, thus your pains can vanish with this product.
• Anxiety and depression are controlled by this marijuana strain. You can enjoy the day with calmness! The depression alleviates as this product gives you mesmerizing feelings.
• Nausea and lack of appetite are also prevented with this product. You can enjoy better health with Deadhead OG, as your appetite is improved and other digestive disorders are eliminated with its usage.
The Deadhead OG Marijuana can be your daily usage item. You will love this potent, pure, and energetic product!
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