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What is Cream Cookies Flower?

Cream Cookies Flower is a new, versatile, auto-flowering strain with a very unique strain. It is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica and 50% Sativa) strain that is a mix of two delicious strains Girl Scout Cookies and Starfighter Strains. It is a sweet and smooth tasting hybrid that offers a long-lasting and balance-high effects. This strain is a creamier version of Girl Scout Cookies which is specifically a euphoric strain. The strain produces long-lasting effects and a balanced high. Due to its balanced concentration of Indica and Sativa, this strain provides an ideal combination of both cerebral and physical effects.
This flower won its first prize in 2014 that is for the best hybrid strain in the US by High Times Cannabis Cup. The flower has an overpowering 22% to 26% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and a low level of CBD (cannabidiol). The THC and CBD are called cannabinoids that are the chemical compounds present in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids are responsible for the extent of high and low effects of cannabis. The low CBD strain Cream Cookies is perfect for daytime use however a high dose of it can be useful for nighttime use.
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Growing information, Fragrance and Flavor of Cream Cookies

Cream cookies flower is one of the easiest and high yield strain in the cannabis Marijuana community. It does not require any special care during the growth period and is very easy to manage. It takes 9 to 11 weeks from seeding to harvesting by producing a high yield with auto-flowering. It is a very spectacular flower in its appearance having dark green color augmented by solid purple. It has dense dumpy long and bright neon green nugs with light amber hairs and glittering crystal trichomes.
The strain is popular having one of the most amazing aromas and flavors. The aroma of Cream Cookies is earthy, sweet, and vanilla-like which makes it appetizing. It has a sweet flavor that is no different from its fragrance. The flavor of Cream Cookies is very creamy, vanilla-like, and sweet that is very tasty.

Positive Effects and Prime Medical Benefits of Cream Cookies

The following are the positive effects of Cream Cookies that it leaves on its consumers:
• The flower leaves its users relaxed upon consumption.
• It keeps a person happy by producing relaxing effects.
• The Cream Cookies Flower produces strong uplifting effects on its users.
The following are the prime medical benefits of consuming Cream Cookies Flower:
• It is effective medically for the treatment of chronic pain, headaches, and migraines.
• The feminized flower strain is beneficial for long treatment of symptoms of arthritis and asthma throughout the day.
• The strain is beneficial for the treatment of stress and depression.
• It is beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia due to relaxing effects.
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