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Cookie Wreck, also called Cookie Trainwreck, is a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Trainwreck bred by CannaVenture Seeds. A subtle cookie-like aroma radiates from its dense buds, but more distinct fruity flavors come out on the exhale.

Cookie Wreck Strain Review

Although not the most suitable for novices, Cookie Wreck weed is a popular strain. It’s a heavy-hitting cannabis strain outcross with about 50-50 indica – sativa. The marijuana strain hybrid is famous for its robust physical and mental effects. Further, the herb brings together the (GSC) flavors. It’s a potent herb offering relaxation while treating pains, insomnia, and headaches.

Cookie Wreck Cannabis Strain: What is it?

This is a weed strain with effects that will wreck you if not careful.  Cookie Wreck is a product of CannaVenture Seeds. Also called Cookie Trainwreck, it’s a descendant of Trainwreck and Girl Scout Cookies. Further, the outcross is composed of 4% CBD and 19% to 20% THC levels.

The hybrid strain’s users say that it can let consumers experience both physical and cerebral high. It’s also famous for delivering effective pharmacological relief and intense recreational effects. Also, it produces beautiful buds with stunning colours and unique herbal fragrance.

Wondering where to Buy Cookie Wreck Marijuana Strain in Canada?

You can get the Cookie Wreck cannabis strain from your local marijuana dispensaries. Some Canadian recreational stores have not only Cookie Trainwreck but other quality varieties. Further, numerous online platforms are dealing with sales and shipments of this variety. However, it’s recommendable to know who you are buying from. Colleagues and customer reviews can help you identify trustworthy marijuana dealers.

Cookie Wreck Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavour, and appearance

The hybrid marijuana strain gives off sweet aromas like those of cream and vanilla. Also, the Cookie Wreck strain’s scent has some hints of pines and overripe fruits. It gets its citrus hints from the Girl Scout Cookies parent. However, on combustion, floral undertones fill the air.

The flavors are a line-up of fruits, nuts, cream, and vanilla at the forefront of your tongue. Consumers say that the outcross weed strain tastes like baked goodies. Also, the delicious flavor blends with earthy undertones while leaving floral and citric aftertastes.

Buds of this beautiful marijuana herb are dense, round, and dark-green. Also, they have bright orange hair covers and white trichomes with spots of sweet-smelling resin.

Cookie Wreck Weed Strain: Grow Info

As a crossbreed, Cookie Wreck strain takes over its qualities from the parentage sativa-indica genes. It’s a relatively tall plant that doesn’t require topping. However, for those with inadequate space, they can keep their height under control by pruning. Among the marijuana strain’s qualities is its solidness. Neither its stalks nor branches grow thin despite its slenderness. Besides, both can withstand strong winds and temperature fluctuations.

Further, multiple cultivators prefer to grow the weed strain in greenhouses. This isn’t to say that the herb won’t thrive in open gardens. In fact, it produces much higher and buds with better flavour. However, outdoor settings have threats of unpredictable weather and pests. Indoors, cultivators can adjust temperature, humidity, and lighting with ease. Also, farmers can regulate growing periods, produce, and quality through hydroponics methods.

Nonetheless, the indoor plant takes about eight to ten weeks to flower. When ready, it yields around 12 to 14 ounces per square meter. The outdoor plant produces at least 14 ounces per plant. It’s usually ready for harvest in mild-October.

Effects of Cookie Wreck Marijuana Strain

The best words to describe Cookie Wreck’s onset are quick and cerebral. Its effects start right away after the first few tokes. Most consumers experience a rush of euphoria swimming in their minds. However, the effects are faint and subtle. They start to intensify when you begin to recognize the uplifting effects.

The behavioral change accompanies the cerebral high, leaving users with a smiling face. Tokers seem livelier, keeping the upbeat with every hit. After like one or two hours, a light pressure warns the starting of the herb’s indica effects. The high trickles down from the temples with the uplifting buzz. The high centers on soothing the user’s body until one is completely relaxed.

Medical Benefits of Cookie Wreck Cannabis Strain

Marijuana enthusiasts cite stress relief as the main reason for using Cookie Wreck cannabis. Its terpenes, CBD and THC, deliver comfort from depression, PTSD, stress, and anxiety. Also, the cannabis strain provides a mood-stabilizing high that helps the minds to calm down. The hybrid is also potent in curbing inflammations, pains, muscle spasms, and arthritis.

Possible Side Effects of Cookie Wreck Weed Strain

Like other Kush, Cookie Wreck has moisture-inhibiting properties that reduce saliva production. As such, smokers may experience cottonmouth or even dry eyes. However, the dry spell is temporary, and taking adequate care can help. In some scenarios, consumers may experience paranoia, headaches, or dizziness. Using the bud with caution is the best remedy.

Cookie Wreck Strain Review: Final Thought

Cookie Wreck strain is for those looking for an effective and long-lasting high. It has energizing and relaxing qualities that will make you forget about negative encounters. As an offspring of famous parents, it’s a hybrid that lives up to the expectations. Nevertheless, it’s recommendable to be cautious when smoking the bud, or you end up with regrettable experiences.

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Effects: relaxation, focus, happiness

May Relieve: chronic pain, depression, loss of appetite


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