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What is Cookie Monster?

Cookie Monster is a powerful Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain. The strain has 20% of Sativa and 80% of Indica in its plant. It is a cross of two famous strains OG Kush and Girls Scout Cookies. These two strains are one of the most popular Marijuana strains in the world for good reason. OG Kush is known for delivering Intense high effects that take the stress away and Girls Scout Cookies is popular for producing body euphoric and relaxing effects. In this way, Cookie Monster has the best traits of its parent strains that will never fail to amaze you with its effects and benefits. It has won the award of best Indica strain in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup and is considered as a high potency strain.
Cookie Monster is one of the strains having mysterious origins that can make people talkative with its Indica dominant effects. It produces its effects physically higher than psychologically. The effects of this strain take 15 minutes to appear on eyes and temples with pressure by a subtle mental stimulation. It has moderately high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is around 21%. Due to its Indica dominance, it is appropriate to use nighttime rather than daytime use. It is the best strain to use for Indica lovers who want to have euphoric and relaxing effects from Marijuana.
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Growing Information, Aroma and Flavor of Cookie Monster

The Indica dominant strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors but the outdoor yield is higher than indoor almost 21 ounces or more. For indoor flowering, it takes 8 to 9 weeks and mid to late October is best for outdoor flowering in a semi-humid Mediterranean climate. The plant has a sticky and dense appearance with multiple buds that is medium in its size. The bugs are purple and dark green with orange-colored pistols.
The aroma of Cookie Monster is dominant in OG Kush that produces Woody and piney. It also has a hint of mint in its fragrance. The flavor of Cookie Monster is uniquely sweet and skunky that is enhanced by a mix of vanilla, wood, and mint.

What are the effects and medical benefits of Cookie Monster?

The following are the positive effects of Cookie Monster:
• The strain provides relaxing and strong euphoric effects on its consumers.
• It gives sleepy and tingly effects to its users on consumption.
• Cookie Monster makes a person feel relieved and happy.
The following are the prime medical benefits of Cookie Monster:
• The top-rated benefit of Cookie Monster is that it acts as a strong pain-relieving strain.
• It is effective for the treatment of arthritis and PSTD.
• The strain is beneficial for the treatment of stress and depression.
• It is recommended medically to use for the treatment of insomnia, headaches, and migraines. The strain is also used by people suffering from appetite loss.
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