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What is Co2Made OG/Green Crack Co2 Oil?

Co2Made OG/Green Crack Co2 Oil for sale. CO2 made OG oil is a pure Cannabis Sativa dominant hybrid strain that produces strong energetic effects. The oil is a balance of two genetic lineages and the most common of them is Sativa descended from Skunk 1. Green Crack CO2 Oil improves your mental health and keeps you going the whole day by keeping you active due to the high concentration of Sativa in it. This Oil is made from the Green Crack strain of Marijuana. It contains almost 75% to 90% Sativa and 10% Indica. The strain is very effective to use in the daytime as it does not let you feel dizzy or lazy and keeps you active and awake the whole day. The name Green Crack Co2 oil perpetuates its negative image, it is also called as the Green Crack CO2 Oil as Cush or Green Kush. The Green Crack strain contains 5% to 18% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and zero percent of Cannabinoid (CBD).

Green Crack CO2 oil can be used for the treatment of various ailments without the prescription of doctors. It is a pure CO2 extracted Cannabis oil with no additives and impurities which is highly potent and can produce its strong effects with a small dose. It allows you to enjoy high levels of THC and is best for people who want to consume cannabis with no CBD. These cannabinoids are responsible for the effects and benefits of Green Crack CO2 oil. The Indica strain of Green Crack strain is said to come from the Afghani strain marked by a tight bud structure. The oil produces extremely energetic effects making it an excellent wake and bake strain, great for people who want a strong Marijuana oil that keeps them active and fresh all day. It has a tangy and mango-like fruity flavor is purely herbal, and also has a peppery and citrusy aroma and taste. The high potency of Co2 made OG oil makes tasks like dishwashing and laundry interesting.

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Effects produced by the use of Green Crack CO2 Oil

The Green Crack Co2 Oil is a highly potent cannabis product that produces strong effects. The effects of CO2 made OG Green crack oil are the following:

  • This oil keeps your mind focused by sharpening your memory.
  • It makes a person feel happy.
  • The oil produces uplifting effects for mental health which is important for happiness.
  • It provides powerfully euphoric effects.
  • Green Crack Co2 oil produces energizing effects due to the high potency of THC and Sativa dominant hybrid strain.

What are the medical benefits of using CO2 made Green Crack Oil?

The oil is used for the following medical purposes due to its benefits in medication.

  • It is effective for the treatment of chronic pains such as headaches & migraines.
  • Due to its energetic effects, it is the best strain for daytime use that helps you get rid of fatigue.
  • It is beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The oil is useful for relieving depression as it acts as a stress reliever.

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