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What is Cinderella 99?

Cinderella 99 is a Sativa-dominant bud made of a cross between Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer strains. It is also known as Cindy 99. The credit of this breed goes to Mr. Soul of Brother’s Grim, who developed such an outstanding bud that can use for recreational as well as medicinal purposes.
This hybrid has the effects and flavor of both parents. Shiva Skunk is a pure Indica that is best known for its long-lasting high results. And the Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant hybrid itself that gives deeply relaxing effects but the user still remains active and conversive. The THC levels of Jack Herer is around 15-24%, thus making it a potent strain.
As both the strong strains are crossed in making Cinderella 99, you are getting a premium quality product. There are 85% Sativa and 15% Indica in this hybrid, with around more than 21% of THC. The strain is given a fiction name due to its long-lasting dreamy and high effects that can take its consumer to another world.
The scent of Cinderella 99 is really charming and long-lasting. It can linger in the place long after the product is not there physically. This strong fragrance turns the user to use it as its taste seems more delicious. You can enjoy its sweet and citrus taste the same as pineapples. The buds are light green color with sticky material inside, the hairs around the bud are slightly orange colored.
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How to use Cinderella 99?

Cinderella 99 is smoked and its smoke is quite light. Your throat will not react to a cough or lung pressure over its inhale. It gives strong and long-lasting high effects in its usage. The smoke of Cindy is gentle for the throat with no burning effects at all.
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Effects of Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 have strong high effects on its consumer. Your body will be relieved from all the pains by this magical product.
• Due to Sativa-dominancy, the bud gives energizing and awakening effects to its consumer. You will feel more active while taking this high-quality product, especially when taken in low quantities.
• Uplifting effects are common by its usage. It improves your mood by making you active and sociable.
• You can enter some other world full of happiness, thus enhances the cerebral activity of the brain when taken in high doses.
• High dreamy and euphoric effects that can take its consumer to some other world full of happiness. This happens when this is used in high quantities.
The effects are relaxing depending on the dose.

Medicinal benefits of Cinderella 99

Though the product is high when used in high quantities, it has many health benefits. Patients can take this as a relief from many ailments. It is quite effective in physical as well as emotional disorders.
• People suffering from nausea, lack of appetite, and severe pains can use this magical product with usage precautions.
• This product is effective for migraines, chronic pains, cramps, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine.
• People with negative thoughts and depression can utilize this product. Due to its uplifting effects, patients can feel relieved and more confident in life.
• Anxiety and ADHD disorders are cured by this wonderful product.
Cinderella 99 is effective for health purposes with the precautions to use it. You can buy online Cinderella 99 with fast delivery from Legal Cannabis Bud Shop. We also deal with other high-quality marijuana products available at reasonable prices.


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