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What is Cherry Pie?

Cherry Pie strain is a hybrid Indica-dominant strain with high and relaxing effects on the body. Cherry Pie is a cross between Indica Grandaddy Purple and strong African Sativa Durban Poison, both the parents are strong and sweet flavored in taste. The levels of THC range between 16-20% in the Cherry Pie. You can get strong potent effects within a short time of its use.
This Indica-dominant strain is green and purplish in color and gives a beautiful aroma that can water your mouth. The taste is fruity and a little bit of sour. But if you have craving for the sweet food, then Cherry Pie can be your daily dosage as it is sweet in taste. The name is given due to its similarity in taste with cherries.
Cherry Pie gives a super chilled fragrance. The whole room will be filled with a pleasant scent of Cherry Pie. Hence, the product will create a calming and beautiful environment when used.
Some high levels of THC give this product an edge over other moderate Indica or Sativa strains. THC molecules affect the pain receptors in your body and as a result, the pain is alleviated over time. Relaxing the body by diminishing the mental and body stresses is also a major effect of this product.
The inhale of this strain is smooth with exhale experiences as some fruity taste. The THC levels are not so high, people with low tolerance can still enjoy this desirable strain. Recreation can become more enjoyable when this product is added to the menu.
We have high-quality Cherry Pie that you can buy online from Legal Cannabis Bud Shop. We believe in customers’ satisfaction, safety, and health, which makes our products premium quality. The ingredients used in the products are greatly measured and made with great care. You can buy other marijuana products from us. The products are for medicinal and recreational purposes only.
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How to use Cheery Pie?
Cherry Pie is best used as smoking. It should be noted before using that it can make your mouth and eyes dry when used inappropriately. Therefore, the correct measures should be consumed that will make you high and relaxing.

Effects of using Cherry Pie

The Indica-dominant Cherry Pie strain gives you euphoric effects. The people who are suffering from mental and body stresses should use this magical product. Your mindset about life will change by using this outstanding product.
• This Indica-dominant strain will have relaxing effects on the body. All the stresses will vanish in no time. The body needs some time in which all the worries are gone, and you are connected to your soul. This strain provides this amazing sensation.
• It gives sensational uplifting effects on the body. You can feel more alive by taking a single dose of it. Mostly Indica dominated strains make you feel slow but the Cherry Pie strain is quite opposite to all. You will feel more active by using this hybrid product.
• As the product is not so high and strong as the THC level is not as high as in other products. You will feel the surroundings more clear by using the Cherry Pie. It will make you a little bit high by raising your happiness and focus level.

Medical benefits of Cherry Pie

There are numerous underlying health benefits in this effective strain. Patients can use it to end their severe pains.
• This strain act as an anti-inflammatory medicine for the patients.
• It is best for migraines, headaches, and muscle tension. The small doses of Cherry Pie can alleviate all the severe pains in the body.
• If you are suffering from depression then the product is ideal for you. The Sativa included in it uplifts the body, thus depression is alleviated.
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