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What is Bubba Kush Nug Run Shatter?

Bubba Kush Nug Run Shatter is an Indica dominant Cannabis concentrate which is highly powerful and potent. The Bubba Kush Strain is genetically from the Hindu Kush mountains and is 100% Indica produces relaxing body effects. Nug is a term used to indicate the flower of any mature cannabis plant. Run in cannabis language is used to describe the level of concentration of a plant or flower. Bug run refers to high-quality concentrates such as hash oil. Bubba Kush Nug Run Shatter is a highly potent and pure completely Indica dominant cannabis concentrate that keeps the body and mind relieved and relaxed. The plants contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is almost 15% however in some plants it has up to 25% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The Bubba Kush shatter should be used in a small quantity due to its highly pure concentrate and high levels of THC. You can also store the concentrates in a dark cool place because it gives fewer medical benefits when kept in warm places.

The plant Bubba Kush has vivid purple and green buds coated in amber hairs. The strain has an abundance of trichomes that makes it as sticky as bubblegum. This strain has features of both OG Kush and Lemon Skunk providing a fruity and skunky flavor. It is similar to Jack Herer and Bubba. The Bubba Kush Nag Run Shatter is a Lemon Sour Diesel concentrate that creates a powerful psychedelic highly supported by a relaxing body stone. The shatter has a transparent amber appearance that looks glassy when stored at low temperatures but looks like honey when it is hot or warm. This level of transparency and color varies based on temperature, moisture, and level of terpenes. The flavor of Bubba Kush shatter is earthy, chocolaty, coffee, nutty, pungent, and diesel-like. The shatter is usually consumed through vaporizing or dabbing but can also be mixed with Marijuana while smoking. It is the most potent of all concentrates but slightly unstable can be changed into bidder overtime.

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What are the effects and benefits of Using Bubba Kush Nug Run Shatter?

As it is Indica dominant with high levels of THC, it produces effects of Indica strain which are the following:

  • The effects of this shatter tend to creep on after several minutes.
  • It produces sleepy effects that are best for people suffering from insomnia.
  • When used, the Bubba Kush Nug Run Shatter produces relieving and relaxing effects.
  • The strain delivers strong euphoric, happy, hungry, and energizing effects.

Along with the effects, there are several medicated benefits of consuming Bubba Kush Shatter.

  • It is very beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pains as it is an excellent pain reliever.
  • Due to the relaxing effects, if this shatter should be used at nighttime can be helpful for insomniac patients.
  • It is extremely good to fight depression, reduces anxiety, and stress.
  • The Bubba Kush Shatter is beneficial for treating migraines, arthritis, and ADHD/ADD.
  • It is also beneficial for the treatment of nausea.

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