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What is Bruce Banner #3 Strain?

Bruce Banner #3 is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is quite powerful. It is a slightly dominant hybrid strain having 60% of Sativa and 40% of Indica. Sativa and Indica are the cannabinoids that are present in marijuana plants. These cannabinoids are responsible for sedative and body high effects. Bruce Banner was bred by Dark-Horse Genetics in Los Angeles that is one of the most potent cultivators in the market. The strain is a cross of the popular OG Kush strain and Strawberry Diesel hybrid strain. These two strains well-blended together provide a tasty combination that is equally enjoyable for the body and mind. Medical marijuana.
The Bruce Banner #3 strain has received its name as a quiet powerful strain having high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) reaches up to 25% to 29% and a very low concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) that is only 1%. The Bruce Banner strain is known to have three prominent phenotypes, and all of them pack a hard punch with high THC contents. It is a seriously potent hybrid Sativa dominant strain that produces intense high to mind and body. The strain is best for cannabis consumers who are looking for a strain with an insane THC content. Bruce Banner is so potent that even experienced smokers can be overpowered with its consumption. The effects of Bruce Banner #3 strain delivers in a short time that makes it more potent and effective for treating various medical ailments.
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Key information about Bruce Banner Strain

 The strain is can be grown both indoor and outdoor. The indoor flowering period takes 65 to 70 days with moderate growing difficulty and takes the same time for outdoor growth. The appearance of Bruce Banner is very beautiful having bright green leaves and buds with red hair.
 The aroma of the Bruce Banner strain is equally interesting as its appearance. It has a pungent, strong diesel-like fragrance that is sweet with a floral and fruity hint.
 Bruce Banner has a more pleasant taste than its appearance and aroma. It tastes amazingly sweet, naturally flavored-candy, with fruity, berry, and earthy hints of flavor that are juicy just like fresh berries picked on a hot summer day.
 It is excellent for those who are more likely to give their taste buds an amazing and refreshing taste rather than just the quality of smoke.

What are the effects and benefits of Bruce Banner?

The following are the effects produced by Bruce Banner:
• It produces energetic effects.
• It leaves a consumer feeling happy and laughing.
• The strain provides energetic and euphoric effects at the same time.
• A person feels creative and fresh after consuming Bruce Banner.
The following are the prime benefits of Bruce Banner:
• It is beneficial for the treatment of chronic pain, arthritis, and bipolar disorder.
• You can use it for relieving stress and depression.
• Bruce banner is effective for the treatment of medical conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and nausea.
• It is effective for patients suffering from insomnia.
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