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The Brass Knuckles brand was established in Los Angeles, California, by none other than legendary rapper Xzibit. Brass Knuckles vape cartridges are sleek and stylish, to say the least. They are slim and compact, meaning that they are incredibly light and portable. And perhaps more importantly for some, the cartridges are also discreet, so if you need to dose while on the go, you won’t need to advertise it to the world. Till date, Brass Knuckles vape cartridges have been considered the best, and strongest, on the market. At one point, their Forbidden Fruit concentrate tested at an incredible 90% THC content. Brass Knuckles still boasts of the most potent cannabis concentrates available, the brand still has a lot of great features and remains one of the most popular out there today.

Brass Knuckles Design

Brass Knuckles vape cartridges are sleek and stylish. They are slim, compact, light, and portable. And perhaps more importantly for some, the cartridges are also discreet.

The cartridges have a metallic sheen and are embossed with the Brass Knuckles logo. The designers have paid close attention to everything from the packaging to the batteries, and it shows. The cartridges are 510 threaded and easy to stick on to the battery.

Brass Knuckles Features

The feature that Brass Knuckles is most proud of is its flavor. The brand only uses premium marijuana strains to create its concentrates and uses CO2 extraction. The oils also contain a wide range of terpenes, further adding to Brass Knuckles’ signature taste.

The vape cartridges are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. There are also several limited editions from which to choose.

Here is a quick overview of the range of flavors per category:




Current Limited Editions

  • Brass Woods
  • Gushers (By Connected Cartridge)
  • Kush Kola
  • Napalm OG
  • Abracadabra
  • Los Angeles Kush

Each pre-filled cartridge contains a full gram of cannabis concentrate, enough for around 200 hits. One of our favorite features of the Brass Knuckles vape is that it uses every last drop of concentrate. This is unlike some other brands which leave a frustrating amount of residue in the cartridge. Also, the THC content is around 75-80%.

Brass Knuckles Performance

This vape cartridges are straightforward to use. Just connect with a 510-thread battery and go! Batteries are available from the company in gold or wood effect, further adding to the visual appeal of the device. You might wonder whether this product have chosen style over substance. However, you get plenty of juice from each charge.

The batteries have adjustable settings, and the cartridges can handle up to eight watts.  However, you should avoid using too much power with a vape device as you risk burning the concentrate and ruining the cartridge.

There are reports of this cartridges malfunctioning. The company has steadily made improvements, however. There are now far fewer issues with failures than there were a couple of years ago.

One other downside of the Brass knuckles vape is that the oil can become thick and sticky over time. The oil can also lose some of its flavors as it gets to the bottom of the cartridge. It even takes on a burnt taste in some cases. Even so, it performs better than most similar products. It is easy to see why this product initially got its reputation as a premium brand.

Brass Knuckles Controversy

Despite its reputation as one of the market leaders, Brass Knuckles has faced its fair share of controversy over the past few years. It all began when a regular user of the brand became sick and posted about it online. Also, multiple independent lab reports found high levels of potentially harmful pesticides in the concentrate.

The company quickly responded to these accusations, stating that its products are clean and the offending cartridges were counterfeits. One of the unexpected downsides of being such a well-known brand is that fakes are everywhere. Some of them look so close to the genuine article that it is difficult to tell the difference.

However, for some people, the damage was already done. Many loyal customers lost trust in the brand and took their business elsewhere.

Brass Knuckles is still trying to recover from this setback. As well as dropping its prices slightly, we have also posted many informative articles on our website.  These guides describe how to spot fake cartridges and where to buy the original product.

Brass Knuckles at Present

There is a class-action lawsuit in motion that was filed in May 2018. SC Laboratories Inc. is also in it. Brass Knuckles has had to engage in a major clean-up operation in recent years. Many of its reported issues are from 2017 and 2018.

For example, testing from August 2017 revealed that the brand’s products could contain some toxic materials. In February 2018, further lab reports showed that the testing, carried out by SC Labs, revealed ‘clean’ products. In May 2019, the brand’s oil was placed in better hardware.

You can identify fakes by making sure the company hologram sticker is on the packages. Also, keep your eye out for misspellings and the lack of a logo. Furthermore, fraudulent products don’t have California law or health policy-compliant stickers.

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Brass Knuckles

Banana OG, Blue Dream, Buble Gum Kush, Gelato 33, GG 4, Forbidden Fruit, Sour Diesel, Sour Apple, Strawberry Cough, SFV OG


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