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What is Brainwreck Strain

Brainwreck is a well-balanced hybrid strain having equal levels of Sativa and Indica ratio. It is a cross of parent strains Brainwreck, Brainchild, and Brain however its origins are still unknown. All these three strains are known to be quite powerful and a bit heady. Brainwreck includes a soothing euphoria that clears the mind and refreshes the body. The strain has a moderate concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) mainly 15% to 18% and a low concentration of CBD up to 1%. The THC and CBD are chemical compounds that are present in Marijuana plants. This average concentration of THC does not mean that the strain is weak however it is considered as a powerful strain as it has high levels of terpenes Linalool and myrcene.
Brainwreck is considered a quiet mellow strain that is best to be consumed in the daytime. It is consumed by patients for the treatment of several ailments. The balanced strain will motivate you to kick back and enjoy the pleasures of life that are considered perfect for all types of consumers from newbies to experienced consumers. Its three strains make it highly potent and its effects should not be taken easily as it is a powerful hybrid strain. This strain is perfect for those who need a boost of energy while enjoying a relaxing cerebral high effect. At Legal Cannabis Bud Shop, you can buy Brainwreck online at premium prices easily by following a very easy procedure.

Growing information, Fragrance and Flavor of Brainwreck

The strain is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. It is considered easy to grow and easily grown by all growers. The flowering period for indoor growing is 8 to 9 weeks while outdoor flowering time is mid-October. For outdoor growing, the plants grow in a warm and sunny climate with moderate to high yield but it is resistant to common molds and mildew. The buds of Brainwreck have small green nugs with orange hairs and a coating of tiny golden amber crystal trichomes.
Brainwreck has a sweet citrusy aroma. The sweet smell of this strain makes you think of a basket full of citrus fruits. The scent is dominated by hints of earthy and sweet Woody spices. The pungent Brainwreck plant has a citrusy herbal flavor with hints of lemon that gives you an earthy flavor when smoked.

What are the positive effects produced by Brainwreck Cannabis strain

The following are the positive effects that Brainwreck strain leaves on its consumers:
 Brainwreck produces instant euphoric effects to its users when smoked.
 The strain leaves focused and relived effects.
 You will feel happy and creative after smoking Brainwreck cannabis strain.
 It leaves a person feeling energetic and active the whole day.

What are the prime medical benefits of consuming Brainwreck?

The following are the medical benefits of Brainwreck strain:
 The strain is effective for reducing depression due to its soothing head high effects.
 It is beneficial for people who are suffering from appetite loss by increasing appetite.
 Brainwreck is beneficial for reducing chronic pain and body aches.
 It is effective for relieving stress and anxiety.
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