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What is Blueberry Strain?

Blueberry is a popular Indica dominant hybrid strain with a strong genetic background and a long history. It has won several awards for being one of the best Indica Marijuana strains including the High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2000. The strain was created back in the 1970s by American breeder DJ Short with a variety of landrace strains. Blueberry was created by DJ Short when he was playing around with different landrace strains that resulted in this insanely delicious variety. The parent strains of Blueberry are Afghani and Purple Thai. It is an especially common strain with a very pretty obvious flavor and very simplistic strain that does not stop it from being the best strain. Blueberry is 80% leaning in Indica and the majority of its effects are completely Indica related without having any effects of Sativa that has 20% lineage towards it. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level is 16% to 24% and the concentration of other cannabinoids is unknown.
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Key information about Blueberry strain

• The buds of blueberry have a blue hue to them and have beautiful leaves. It is not only beautiful but has very potent effects and is easy on the throat when smoked and goes down smoothly as it is easily digestible.
• Due to its ancient lineage, it has a vast disparity between its plants. The plants a short and densely packed in its structure.
• It is one of the rare strains that grow outdoors very well as its genetics are closely related to the indigenous landrace strain Afghani. The plants are reported to grow medium to tall in a 49 to 56 days flowering period. The outdoor harvesting time of the Blueberry strain is October in a sunny Mediterranean climate.
• Blueberry has a perfect pungent sugar-coated muffin aroma. It offers a long-lasting body stoned berry-like aroma with the intense smell of tart that makes everything smell unbelievably mouthwatering like blueberries. The refreshing scent of Blueberry makes this strain unique and popular along with its beautiful appearance.
• The Blueberry strain tastes very much like its aroma. It has a very distinct fragrance that can easily be guessed by its sweet scent. The flavor of the blueberry strain is like sweet berries with a floral hint of blueberries and forest fruits.

What are the positive effects and prime medical benefits of Blueberry?

The following are the positive effects that blueberry leaves on its consumers:
• The strain produces relaxed and sedative effects.
• It makes a person a little bit of couch-locked due to its sleepy effects.
• You will feel creative and euphoric after consuming blueberry.
• It refreshes a person’s mind and leaves him in a happy mood.
The following are the medicated benefits of Blueberry:
• Blueberry is effective for the treatment of ADHD and bipolar disorder.
• It acts as a great stress reliever and fights with depression due to its relaxing effects.
• The strain is beneficial for patients suffering from insomnia.
• It is beneficial for reducing chronic pain and neuropathic pain such as headaches, migraines, arthritis, etc.
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