Blue Dream marijuana wax (THC 77.28%)



Blue Dream Marijuana Wax THC 77.28%

Blue dream, Marijuana wax made from a butane extraction is a very popular concentrate of superior quality. The blue dream wax is a classic California hybrid strain having an equal ratio of both Indica and Sativa strain. It is a mix of Blueberry and Haze strains. The strain is significantly potent due to its high ratio of THC typically 15% to 25%. The Blue Dream Marijuana Wax consists of Marijuana extract, THC, and 1.00% of CBD. This Blue Dream Wax is widely considered as a Gold standard of measuring all other concentrates. This Blue Dream Marijuana strain has taken various forms from flower to shatter and now a wax. These concentrates hit every person differently and produce different effects. Usually, the effects of a strain on a person depend on the extent of the dose taken and the physical condition of the person using it.

Normally waxes do not have a strong aroma but Blue Dream Marijuana wax when broke apart produces an intense aroma, but it has a sweet berry aroma at the start. Blueberry has origins for the strain which produces a mouthwatering taste that can be mistaken for sweet fruit. Blue Dream Marijuana Wax THC 77.28% is suitable for people who prefer low-temperature dabs. The wax appears much darker than other wax types. According to lab test results, the wax has 71.10% and CBD 1.00%. The wax is extremely dense and is favorite for those who like small big hitters. As it is both Sativa and Indica equally, it is both sedating and energizing. At Legal Cannabis Bud Shop, you can buy Blue Dream Marijuana Wax THC 77.28% at very economical prices.

What are the effects and benefits of Blue Dream Marijuana Wax THC 77.28%

Due to the high potency of THC and hybrid strain, the blue dream wax has effects of both Indica Strain and Sativa Strain.

  • The wax produces a warm and frizzy effect on the head with intense euphoria.
  • After 15 minutes of using the wax, the effects become mild by producing a relaxing feeling that lasts throughout the day.
  • It keeps you relaxed by keeping your mind clear.
  • Produces mild energizing effects with the presence of Indica Strain.
  • By using Blue Dream Marijuana Wax THC, you will feel comfortable and relieved.

There are many benefits of using Blue Dream Marijuana Wax. The prime benefits are the following:

  • It is perfect for people suffering from depression and stress as it acts as a relieving drug.
  • It is excellent to use in the daytime to start your day with motivation.
  • Due to the high potency of THC, it keeps you all day active and energetic.
  • Blue Dream Marijuana Wax is a very quick pain relief drug also helpful in reducing chronic pain.

Buy Blue Dream Marijuana Wax THC 77.28%

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