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What is Betty Page Strain?

Betty Page is a popular well-balanced hybrid strain having an equal concentration of Sativa and Indica strains i.e. 50%:50%. The potent hybrid strain contains a medium average level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is mainly 12% to 19%. The strain is created by breeders at Washington state-based Liberty Reach Farms and is a cross of an unknown ruderalis and an unknown Indica Strain. The strain is beloved and popular for its relatively mild effects, exotic terpene, and robust flavor profile. The bud’s genetics have been kept proprietary by its breeders. Betty Page Strain does not take much time to exert its reaction. The potent Betty Page Strain provides mellow euphoria that focuses itself on the cerebral high space by encouraging energy rather than lethargy. It is a good all-purpose strain for Sativa and Indica lovers consecutively. Betty Page is the best strain for moderate to experienced smokers that you can enjoy at any time of the day.
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Growing information, Flavor, and Aroma of Betty Page Strain

The strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The indoor growing takes 8 to 10 weeks to grow its flowers while the strain can be grown outdoor in early to mid-October and is perfect to be grown in a Mediterranean climate. It is a moderate yield strain that is considered very easy to grow and the buds are light green round-shaped, being frosty with trichomes and having amber pistils. The plants grow bushy and bushy within eight to ten weeks indoor. The aroma of Betty Page is similar to cheesy pungency and creamy rich blueberries. The flavor of Betty Page Strain is similar to its aroma that is sweet, earthy, cheesy, and pine. You will also feel a hint of blueberry while smoking Betty Page strain. It is recommended to use it with care in a very moderate quantity to avoid its adverse side effects. The negative side-effects of Betty Page strain are dry mouth, paranoia, and anxiousness when consumed in excess quantity.

What are the Positive Effects of Betty Page Strain?

The Betty page strain is a moderate well-balanced hybrid strain having an equal concentration of Sativa and Indica strain. The effects of the Betty Page Strain are the following:
• You will feel calming and relaxing effects after the consumption of Betty Page.
• The top-rated effect of Betty Page Strain is that it leaves a person with a creative mind.
• Int produces uplifting and energizing effects physically and psychologically.
• One of the most popular effects of this strain is that it provides talkative effects by boosting up energy levels.

What are the prime medical benefits of Betty Page?

The following are the medicated benefits of Betty page strain:
• It is very effective for the treatment of Inflammation and hypertension.
• The strain is beneficial for relieving chronic pain and muscle spasms.
• Betty Page is commonly used for the treatment of depression and anxiety.
• It is beneficial for the treatment of ADHD and adds symptoms.
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