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It flavors and fragrances like a kilo of fresh and healthy bananas. Even if it bends biologically into the Indica, the results are amplified by the Haze’s mellow Sativa buzzing which gives a comfortable feeling of euphoria. Banana Kush is indeed a pretty good option when coping through anxiety or distress. This also improves boost your focus and energy and therefore can keep you feeling socially quiet and reserved.


Taste of banana kush is sweet, tropical banana fruit of the tree.

Offering a great high Indica physique that begins with selfishness progressing to total pain relief, such condition is approved and suggested for overnight use it almost often. After 2-3 takes, administered an hour or two before bed, many others will find it very difficult to stay in bed.


Enhanced sensations and enhanced awareness combine alongside intense stimulation to create a feeling of happiness, euphoria, and talk.

Consuming a huge amount of banana kush causes dry mouth and dry eyes.

Banana Kush includes most of a Sativa’s mental impact namely enhancement of mindset and a strong elation sensation. The latter also coincides with regular mild symptoms like dry mouth and eyes, often dizziness, nausea, and headaches, although.

Banana Kush is frequently checked out through people with severe aches and pains. It’s being used for relieving stress and depression reduction. This can treat patients with migraines, glaucoma, fatigue, eating disorders, and muscle pain to a lesser extent.

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