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Effects: Creativity, inspiration, imagination

May Relieve: Anxiety, stress, depression, appetite loss, insomnia

Angel Cake is a sweet tooth’s dream, with a distinctive fruity flavor and packed with a promising level of THC. Its euphoric capabilities and boost in mental capabilities are what the strain is best known for. Angel Cake is believed to relieve loss of appetite and encouraging tons of creativity. Allow this review about Angel Cake to get you up to speed on how to know where the strain originated from, the appearance of the strain, down to medical benefits. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Wha Angel Exactly is the Cake Marijuana Strain?

Angel Cake is truly like no other stain in the cannabis game. Angel Cake is an organic, indica leaning hybrid strain created through the cross of the legendary Fire OG Kush and renowned Forum Girl Scout Cookies with a max. level of 23% THC. Bred in Afghanistan and Africa, Angel Cake is grown in Northern California and has been shown to have rich THC content. Because of Angel Cakes’ well-above-average concentration of Myrcene, the strain lives up to its parent’s concentration measurements. The amount of THC within this strain makes other typical THC concentration levels within other strains look like small fries. It’s parent strain, Fire OG Kush originates from infamous OG Kush, widely known as a veteran strain and as written in the name-’OG’ Kush, making it one of the most popular original strains. with THC levels of 27%.And we can’t forget about Angel Cakes equally popular parent strain, Forum Girl Scout Cookies, which gives Angel Cake the candied flavor that so many consumers adore.

Angel Cake: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

The holidays may come and go but this strain sure makes smokers feel as though Christmas is all year round. The very shape of Angel Cakes buds resemble a Christmas tree with its unique pine tree shape and surprise-it also has deep piney flavors. Buds feature an ample amount of glitter over a monotone green, complemented by a delicious and refreshing medley of very pronounced earthy aromas. Hints of amber are colored throughout the bud with tightly coiled stigmas surrounding the bud. Angel Cakes’ sugary sensation is perfect for smokers who aren’t big fans of a natural strain taste and who also prefer to let their taste buds go on an adventure during the high. Like the pine tree shape of the strain, consumers report that there are also lovely zesty, piney aromas when smelling the buds.

Angel Cake Effects

Unlike many indica strains, Angel Cake does not produce the grogginess aftermath some strains may cause the following morning but it does, however, promote a healthier, balanced and uninterrupted night’s rest. It causes the body to undergo a state of deep relaxation, which triggers the body into a calming mood. Angel Cake is the perfect nightcap as most smokers find that it is best enjoyed just before bed to take advantage of its languorous effect. Angel Cake is said to have a slightly delayed onset, taking a few extra minutes before a user can feel the psychoactive sensations, which is essentially sativa-like behavior, caused by a boost of mental energy and a bodily euphoria. These sensations are known to promote creativity, inspiration, productivity, motivation, and imagination. Stoners are sure to see this strain as the total package with indica bearing sensations and sativa mimicking effects.

Medical Advantages of Angel Cake

For many, Angel Cake hasn’t ceased to be a strain that has proven its strength of relief within certain consumers. The ‘feel-good sensation’ that this strain expels has been known to successfully alleviate depressive states and unhappiness making both no match for the strain. The uplifting advantages of the strain make so that smokers are capable of becoming creative causing a vast imagination. For idea seekers, Angel Cake is a smoker’s right-hand man when it comes to thinking outside of the box. High tolerance users will see more prosperity given the amount that is consumed, while novice smokers can build tolerance, thus sharing the same luxury. Because Angel Cake almost imitates a treat and or food, as in the name Angel Cake, its potency encourages the need for an appetite. Angel Cake is highly advised when it comes to said ailments and should be carefully considered given certain medical conditions.

Possible Side Effects

Though Angel Cakes’ advantages outweigh the possible side effects, it is still worth mentioning what they are and what smokers can do to relieve these short-lived effects. Many smokers will attest to the fact that cotton-mouth is amongst many normal and typical side effects with almost any cannabis strain. Harmless, a dry mouth simply calls for hydration during each session. Dry and heavy eyes are subdued with eye drops that can moisturize the eyes. Some stoners have reported mild bouts of anxiety, which, fortunately, is extremely unlikely. Managing these few side effects prepares the novice smoker for future sessions and later becomes a normal uncomplicated function depending on the strain.

Final Thoughts

Individuals seeking to relieve medical or mental conditions such as loss of appetite, depression or insomnia are sure to achieve a solution in Angel Cake. The strain not only has a plethora of medical advantages but it also rises above the need for other inorganic remedies and treatments. Its indica based properties provide medicinal purposes while inducing the energizing effects of a sativa.

Muscle Spasms65%
Lack of Appetite45%
Dry Mouth100%
Dry Eyes55%


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