9lbs-Hammer-Wax THC 78.98%


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 9lbs-Hammer-Wax THC 78.98%

The 9lbs-Hammer-Wax THC 78.98% is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain wax made from the 9lbs Hammer marijuana bud. The wax has won Santa Cruz’s award to be at the well-reviewed weed Avenue. The bud of 9-pound Hammer wax is a cross of Hell’s Angel OG, Jack the Ripper, and fruity Gobberry. Due to its high potency of THC which is 78.98% and Indica-dominancy i.e. having 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, it is highly powerful and produces instant high results. It hits you in the head like a hammer hitting due to its high potency and that is why it is called a Hammer Wax. The effect of any wax or concentrate depends on the ratio of Cannabinoids and chemical compounds present in them. 9lbs-Hammar-Wax THC 78.98% is highly powerful and the most concentrated form of weed drug having high THC and Indica cannabinoid ratio. According to lab tests, it has been measured that 9lbs-Hammaar bud has a potency of THC ranges from 18% – 23% on average. Marijuana Wax.

The bud is very impressive with Chunky, multi-colored, large leaves. The leaves are mossy green threaded with yellow and orange pistils. The 9lbs-Hammer-Wax THC 78.98% has a powerful fruity and skunky aroma with tropical inflection. With the cross of parent bud, Jack the ripper, it is redolent of grape and citrus. The Indica – dominant Hammer wax produces distinct effects and provides the body with a heavy feeling. The strain holds features of both OG Kush and Lemon Skunk with its fast results. The best methods to store the concentrate of 9lbs-Hammer-Wax THC is a dark cool place because the heat and light will speed up the degradation of THC to CNB which will result in fewer medical benefits. So, to avail all the medical benefits of this Hammer wax you need to store it at a cold place or freezer can be a good option for long term storage. At Legal Cannabis Bud Shop, you can buy 9lbs-Hammar-Wax in a very decent quality online.

How to use 9lbs-Hammar-Wax 78.98 THC?

Like other weed products, there are several methods to use 9lbs-Hammer-Wax. You can use it by dabbing rings, joint boosters, bowl-toppers, and perfect to use by vape pens. A small fraction of the wax can also be inhaled as smoking a raw bud. By smoking, the sensation soon progresses in the body and takes the smoker’s body full of high feeling floated.

Benefits of Using 9lbs-Hammar-Wax 78.98% THC

There are several benefits of using this wax by several methods. It is a high potency wax so a small dose of it can make a huge difference. The following are the benefits of Hammer wax:

  • It keeps the body and mind relaxed which is perfect for night use.
  • It is ideal for treating patients suffering from chronic pains due to illness or injury.
  • It helps fighting depression and best for people suffering from insomnia.
  • It is a fast-acting and potent Indica relief drug beneficial for patients suffering from muscle spasms and inflammation.

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