99 problems strain


99 Problems has a moderately pungent smell, but has a few different things going on. The first thing I notice is a mild, musky skunkiness and equal amount of sweet floral and herbal notes.


99 problems strain

99 problems cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, derived as a cross between Stardawg and White 99 strains. The THC content of this potent strain is relatively high, ranging up to 28-30%, CBD levels are less than 1%.

The buds of this strain are medium-sized, deep green colored, with plenty of dark amber pistils and white sticky trichomes.

The aroma and taste of 99 problems strain are acid, tart, but also have some sweet berry tones to it.

99 problems is a very potent Sativa strain, best enjoyed in the social setting, perfect for creativity, deep conversations, networking, and spending time with people in general. It immediately uplifts the mood, boosts focus, motivation, and creativity, relaxes tension, and provides an energy boost. Its a great daytime strain that keeps you going through the day and guarantees you will feel happy and uplifted for a long time.

99 problems strain Appearance

At first glance, you are likely to fall in love with the appearance of this strain. The nugs feature green that starts off with a and orange hues that stand out, while subtle purple hues emerge from inside the buds. The trichome production is heavy which gives the nugs a silvery-white appearance. Orange pistils and white trichomes indicate a properly cured flower.

The strain has a multi-layer scent dense diesel-like odor that quickly transcends to a fruity fragrance. The scent doesn’t do much to betray the potency of 99 Problems. However, new users may be put off by the funky diesel-like aroma of this strain. They have often described it as foul-smelling morning breath that strongly dominates the berry tones.

Smell / Taste

99 Problems has a moderately pungent smell, but has a few different things going on. The first thing I notice is a mild, musky skunkiness and equal amount of sweet floral and herbal notes. There is a very light hint of citrus in the background.

When ground up, the flower becomes slightly more pungent; sweet and skunky citrus terpenes are the most noticeable after grinding or breaking apart the buds, with the floral and herbal terpenes slightly fading into the background.

There’s also a hint of pine in the terpenes that I thought I detected as well, so I was surprised to find that there was no pinene in the terpene section of the lab report provided to me by a GrowHealthy social media rep. However, terpenes are much more complex than what we currently understand, so there’s an explanation for this somewhere.

When smoked, the taste seems to be very peppery, spicy, and piney. There are hints of citrus and fruit/floral notes there as well, but they are very faint.

Truthfully, if you are looking for the most pungent strains, 99 Problems may disappoint you – but I do find what’s there to be really pleasing to smell.

99 problems Effects/Medical Use

99 Problems feels almost 100% sativa to me, and it’s one of those strains that really took me for a cerebral ride the first time I tried it. Patients with a low tolerance or a tendency to develop paranoia from racy sativas should exercise caution with this strain. It is like a shot of espresso for me, a perfect morning medication to be productive and really launch into the day.

Sativa connoisseurs will enjoy 99 Problems a great deal. It’s up there with Sour Diesel and Durban Poison as one of the most invigorating, speedy sativa strains I have tried. I don’t recommend it using it any time later than the afternoon if you plan on going to sleep any time soon – it really is perfect for the morning and early afternoon, when working through a task lisk or trying to stay productive and/or creative.

Some strain keep us coming back for their smell, and others keep us coming back for how they make us feel. 99 Problems is the latter. I have probably slightly overmedicated with this strain because it is so well grown and the effects are really something special for me. I haven’t found many sativa strains that provide this level of quality as far as really helping me to reach in and harness my energy to do things, and to really enjoy doing things. While the name is certainly fitting for this time of human history, the effects are the complete opposite – I use this strain to help me find solutions.


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